At church today we had the reading about when Jesus calmed the storm.  Following up the theme, I also read the following out as our confession reflection.  Various people said they liked it, so here it is – feel free to use in private or at your own church.

Imagine you are on a beach.

As we stroll along the beach, we see where our lives have left their imprint in the sand.  We see our footprints, showing where we’ve been, and where we have not.  We see our words written in the sand, every word.  We see our thoughts drawn out, exposed.  We see the crude walls we have built, to protect our feeble fortunes, to keep others out, to trap or ensnare.  We see the mounds of sand where we have tried to bury what we’ve done, to hide our mistakes, to cover up who we really are.

The sand feels rough under our feet, abrasive, cold.

As we look out to sea, the sun glitters off the waves, from the horizon all the way to the shore.  Its beauty transfixes us, constantly changing yet unchangingly constant.  A word drifts across the breeze, a smell in our nostrils, and we notice the tide coming in.  Wave after wave reaches across the beach, and slowly but surely embraces every part of it.  Our footprints are washed away.  Our words are forgotten.  Our thoughts are cleansed.  Our walls are dissolved away.  Our secrets are uncovered and cleansed in the water.  Every part of our lives is cleaned, renewed, forgiven.  As the tide recedes, our old lives are washed away with it, leaving a smooth, unblemished beach.

The sand feels soft under our feet, comforting, refreshing.

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