Remember Tamagotchis?  That craze of pocket-sized digital pets that you fed and cared for in the 90s?  Well, this is one of those.  Except it’s a rock.

The idea for this project started around 15 years ago, when everyone but me had a Tamagotchi.  Being a bit of a nerd-in-the-making I decided to create my own, so with my meagre programming knowledge and a trial version of Visual Basic 2.0 I created the world’s very first Rockagotchi.  Sadly, no one but me ever saw it.  So when I suddenly remembered the idea recently I decided it was worth recreating for the 21st century.  This time I used HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use it?

Click the link above.  Providing you have a reasonably modern computer and browser (IE9 or above, or pretty much any other browser) you should be fine.  If what you see doesn’t look like the image above, you need to crawl out of the dark ages and upgrade your browser.

Once launched, give your rock a name and press the buttons on the right to interact with it.

Can I overfeed my Rockagotchi?

It’s a rock.  It doesn’t eat.

How do I increase my Rockagotchi’s happiness level?

It’s a rock.

How do I increase my Rockagotchi’s energy level?

It’s a rock.

Is it possible to kill my Rockagotchi?

It’s a rock.

I’m afraid of the dark and I’m worried that turning the lights off on my Rockagotchi might psychologically damage it.  Is there a night-light or dimmer option I can use?

Seriously.  It’s a rock.

Can I use Rockagotchi on my phone?

You can try.

How do I reset my Rockagotchi?

Press F5.  Or CTRL-R.  Or click the refresh button in your browser toolbar.  Or turn your computer off and on again.

Wait.  Does this thing actually DO anything??

No.  It’s a rock.  Deal with it.

Can I steal the code and make millions by selling it to a huge multinational company?

Erm… I’d rather you didn’t.  It’s not exactly groundbreaking code underneath anyway, so I’d be very surprised if there were “millions” involved…

If I give you an idea for a new feature, will you pay me to use it?


I’m a web developer and I’ve looked at your code.  There’s a much better way of doing it than that.  When can we expect an update?

Yes, I know it’s rather roughshod.  It was created in a hurry.  And since it makes me no money I’m in no hurry to roll out improvements.  That said, if it gives me a warm sense of developer-satisfaction then I might consider changing the code for something more beautiful or elegant.  But it’s not a priority right now.

What’s the personality profile of this so-called rock?  What is its gender?  Sexual orientation?  Favourite colour?  Nationality?

It’s a rock.

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