I began today by picking up where I’d left off yesterday with Stranger than fiction, having had to leave it where it was to go and play badminton.  Turns out this song is a lot of fun indeed, with plenty of scope for some quirky and funny moments in the music.  I got a pretty groovy bass riff going, which sounds pretty awesome played on my custom Aria recorded clean so you just get the natural tone of the instrument, which I absolutely love.  I also put in some electric guitar solo riffs too, and some vocal effects (and even a bit of scat singing…).  And once again I recorded the drums by hitting my keyboard and using a software instrument, and I’m pretty pleased with the results.  Far better, in fact, than if I had found myself a real drum kit and recorded myself playing that, if only because I could go in and adjust the timing and edit out the mistakes!  It still needs a lot of work to edit it into something decent, but it’s a promising start.

I spent a fair amount of time on that, so it was a while before I got to start on the second song of the day, which was Too tired.  This song is written from the perspective of someone who has become disillusioned with the church, who has maybe been when they were younger but stopped going in their teens.  It tells a story of how the church doesn’t seem to hold anything of interest for them, and that God in general doesn’t seem to make much sense, so why bother believing at all.  I guess that’s something a lot of people can relate to.  However it then goes on to talk about how empty their life actually is, that something is missing, and finishes with an element of wonder and guilt that despite all the running, God is still there waiting.

The chorus says this: “Am I too tired to let you revive me, am I too lonely to call you friend, am I too caught up in worldly ways to glorify the King of kings, to worship you the beginning and the end.”  It draws on the idea that we can become so concerned with running away from God and living our own lives that we don’t realise that he can help.

So I started work on an arrangement of that song, and after experimenting with a sort of hip-hop / R&B feel, eventually took inspiration from Evanescence.  Their song My Immortal is such a fantastic song, with a beautiful first section that is primarily piano, string and voice.  They could have left it just with that, but then they went right ahead and reprised the chorus with a full-on rock band interpretation, and it’s truly inspirational.  So I decided to take a similar approach with Too tired, worked up a nice piano part, and made sure I could do a passable rock guitar bit as well.

And then I had to put everything on hold because I had forgotten the time and I was late for an In Spirit rehearsal.  Normally my darling wife would have reminded me.  I’ll be glad when she’s back!  And once that was finished it was a bit late to start thinking about what to make for dinner, so I grabbed some fish and chips on my way home.

That left the remaining few hours of the evening to do a bit of recording for Too tired, but I kept it to just the instruments rather than singing, so that I could do it all through headphones without disturbing the neighbours.  I’ll have to do the singing tomorrow.  Needs a lot of refining, and potentially some re-recording, but there’s already a lot of potential there.

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