After a brief spat of… erm… what’s that thing called… oh yes, work… I popped round to Tesco to pick up a few necessities.  Alongside the loaf of bread and take-away Indian, I also bought a couple of cables.  Not my proudest purchase, I have to admit.  Especially because they’d run out of the usual brand and I had to make do with – brace yourself – Tesco Value.  Yep, a Tesco Value 1.2m phono to phono, and a Tesco Value 1.2m phono to 3.5mm jack.  Oh the professionalism.

So after lunch I finished plugging all my rough-shod studio equipment together, warmed up the vocal cords, and started on the recording.  The first song I turned my attention to was Amazing Grace.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, Amazing Grace isn’t exactly a song I can claim complete authorship for; a certain John Newton is famous for that one.  However, not long ago I wrote a new tune for it, and since the original is well out of copyright, I’m all clear to record my own version.  I had recorded the piano part already, and put in some string parts (though at the moment they’re playing through a tinny software instrument until I can find some actual string players), so I just had to add the vocal parts.  I was deliberately keeping it fairly acoustic, so the arrangement was very simple, but it was a good place to start.

Next up it was time to fire up the guitar and make some noise.  Jesus your name is higher is a song I started writing last year at Spring Harvest, and put the finishing touches to a few months later.  It’s turned out to be quite a popular song already – I’ve introduced it at church and also at the camp training day at the weekend, and both times people said how appropriate and fitting it was.  I’ll have to post the lyrics online at some point, and hopefully the score too once I’ve written it.

Anyway, first up I reviewed what I’d recorded last time.  The first step is always recording a framework from which to record onto.  I had already recorded a guitar part, the tune and programmed in a drum track, so I started today by re-recording the guitar parts with a little more precision.  Next up was the bass part, which took only two takes to get a track I was happy with.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to re-record the vocal parts, but it’s slowly coming together.  The important thing at the moment is to get everything recorded so that I can edit it all together later, which I can do even when Ellie and Samuel are back.

So that’s the first day sorted.  I’ve also got a list of all the songs I’m recording, and there’s 10 of them at the moment.  I’ve rehearsed most of them so I know what I’m going to be doing with them, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to do less planning and more recording.

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Phill Sacre · 7 June 2010 at 10:45 pm

Sounds good Matthew – I look forward to hearing the fruits of this 🙂

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