Just a quick message here to say that my blog isn’t letting me in.  WordPress has failed me.  I can’t log in to add new posts, because when I enter my login details it just redirects me back to the login page rather than taking me to the admin panel.  And yes, I have tried disabling all my plugins.  And yes, I have tried upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.  And yes, it is amazing how I can still post to my blog if I can’t access it (I’m using Flock instead, hopefully this will work in the meantime).

So apologies for the lack of content here lately, when I get it all back up and running again I hope things will return to normal, with posts planned about how I get Samuel to sleep, video editing, rants about Google Buzz, revelations about split infinitives, and so on and so forth.

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[…] A while back my blog decided, in its infinite wisdom, that allowing access to the control panel was in fact not what I wanted to do, despite my many attempts to do so. ?I would go to the login page, enter my details, hit the ‘go’ button, and be instantly redirected back to the login screen. ?Helpful. ?I did some digging around, and it appeared that as far as WordPress was concerned I was actually logged in, it just wouldn’t show me the control panel itself. ?That meant I couldn’t approve or reject comments, I couldn’t add new posts, I couldn’t update the templates, I couldn’t add or remove any plugins, and I couldn’t spend time tinkering with my blog. ?Maybe it thought it was doing me a favour. […]

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