In need of some TLC

Just a quick message here to say that my blog isn’t letting me in.  WordPress has failed me.  I can’t log in to add new posts, because when I enter my login details it just redirects me back to the login page rather than taking me to the admin panel.  And yes, I have tried disabling all my plugins.  And yes, I have tried upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.  And yes, it is amazing how I can still post to my blog if I can’t access it (I’m using Flock instead, hopefully this will work in the meantime).

So apologies for the lack of content here lately, when I get it all back up and running again I hope things will return to normal, with posts planned about how I get Samuel to sleep, video editing, rants about Google Buzz, revelations about split infinitives, and so on and so forth.

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