Snowy-gardenYesterday afternoon it started snowing.  Not your piddly little microscopic snowflakes, oh no, these were gargantuan, monolithic, ping-pong ball sized snowflakes.  In little more than thirty minutes the ground, nay everything, was covered in a light carpet of snow.  And then it stopped.  Predictable, I suppose.  Still, with the temperatures hovering at the zero mark the snow hung around, and was still there when I went to bed.  And the BBC informed me that more snow was due overnight – “up to 15cm”.  I’d believe that when I saw it.

When I awoke in the early hours of the morning (not deliberately, mind you, this was Samuel’s fault) I had a quick peek through the curtains to see the outside world, and was sleepily excited to discover that the BBC was right – it had snowed.  Lots.  Nowhere near the 15cm they had predicted, more like 3-4cm, but it was still plenty enough to cover everything in a blanket of white, albeit drenched in darkness at the time.

When I awoke a little later, it was still snowing, and fairly vigourously too.  In fact, it kept on snowing all morning, giving us a tasty 10cm of snowfall.  That’s more snow than I’ve ever seen, apart from one year when we went up to Dartmoor, but that’s sort of cheating.  Since I was up early, and there wasn’t much work to do today, I decided I could justify starting work late on account of the snow, and went out into the garden to play.  I did go out with the excuse of putting food out for the birds, as the RSPB had told us to, but then I built myself a snowman on the patio.

Now, when most people build a snowman, they give it a round body and a round head and hopefully some stick arms, and possibly even some facial features if there are suitable ornaments lying around.  And that’s exactly what I did.  And then I thought “I can do better than that”.  So I gave him legs, giving the impression that he was sat on the floor.  Then those stick arms looked horribly out of place, so they had to go, replaced by a couple of sculpted arms supporting him as he sat up.  Then came a nice nose, some eye sockets, some hair styling, and a mouth.  And a slight impression of a tummy sticking out.  There’s a photo on Flickr.  I don’t do things by half.

In the afternoon, with work still proving uninspiring compared to the outside world, I put Samuel in the pram and went for a wander.  Wrapped up against the cold, and with camera at the ready to snap up some wintry photos, we headed out into Evercreech.  Samuel fell asleep almost immediately, soothed as it were by the movement of the pram.  How he slept I still don’t know – a pram on snow isn’t exactly smooth, especially where the snow has been walked on and compacted unevenly.  Still, he seemed comfortable enough, and only complained when I stopped to take photos.  The main road was pretty clear of snow, but the side roads were white, the speed bumps completely hidden.  The playing field was beautifully white, ornamented by three enormous snowballs, each standing around 5 feet tall.  The Millennium Garden was pretty too.

I happened to get chatting to a man down the road from us, whom I have never seen before.  It seems it is only at times like this that you get to meet the local community now.  He’s been in the area some time, apparently, and was regaling me with tales of previous great snows.  He said that Evercreech hasn’t had snow like this since 1978, and before that it would have been the 60s.  Of course, the great snow in the 60s made this look like a pathetic, half-hearted attempt at snow.  Then it was 4-5 feet deep everywhere and they had to dig out the roads by hand.  Puts things into perspective a little, doesn’t it?

And now I’m back in the warm, enjoying a lovely mug of hot chocolate.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Ellie thinks I’m an old romantic.  I’d have to agree on this occasion.

(P.S. I am aware that I haven’t been updating this blog as frequently as normal just recently.  There is a very good reason for this.  Firstly, I’m busy because I have a newborn baby to look after.  Secondly, I’ve been working on another writing project, which I’ll publicise later when it’s finished.)

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Phill Sacre · 6 January 2010 at 11:45 pm

Glad you’re enjoying the snow Matthew! Sounds like you’ve had more than we’ve had here.

And another writing project eh, interesting! 🙂

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