Just a quick post to alert my faithful readers of the latest additions to my blog.  In my previous post I mentioned that I had been working on another writing project, and that this blog had been taking a back seat for a while as a result.  Well, I’m tentatively going to reveal what that is, right here on my blog.

I’ve been writing a diary.

Before you say anything, no I don’t mean this blog.  And no, I’ve not been daring enough to actually start scrawling on paper.  When Ellie and I found out that we were expecting a baby, we decided it would be a good idea to keep a pregnancy diary to log the whole experience for future reference.  While Ellie took the traditional route of writing it down in a book, I set up a private WordPress blog and wrote each day as an entry in that.  Well, not every day, but the important ones.  Actually, I rarely got time to write about each day on the day itself, which is why I’m still working on the project – I’m still filling in the gaps I’ve missed!

Many evenings now I have been sat at my computer writing, not on my blog but on my diary, recalling my emotions and feelings from months ago and trying to put it down in elegant prose.  The exercise may actually serve a dual purpose – have you ever come across a baby book written by both parents separately?  We haven’t, and it’s just possible that we’ll be able to take the concept to a publisher when both diaries are finished.  No guarantees, obviously, but it’s a thought.  We’ll see.  Mine starts from the day we got the positive test, and logs the journey up until a week after Samuel was born.  And it’s still not finished.

Of course, writing up to one week after birth is hardly the end of the story.  There is far more of the adventure yet to come, and that will undoubtedly be documented too in one form or another.  But those events will probably appear here on my blog rather than in my diary.

So, hopefully that explains the mysterious project I mentioned, and the notable absence of posts here lately.  I have posthumously added a couple of entries covering Samuel’s birth and Christmas, so feel free to have a read of those if you haven’t already (I’m mentioning it because they were written out of sync and anyone getting my blog via RSS may miss them).  Friends on Facebook will probably already have seen photos of our baby.  And I’ll continue to post developments here on my blog and on Twitter, so stay tuned!

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Phill Sacre · 16 January 2010 at 12:44 am

Thanks for posting up the previous couple of posts here Matthew, I did actually miss them!

Interesting stuff about your diary Matthew, I’d love to read it!

You might be onto a good thing there 🙂

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