Here’s a confession – I’ve not been blogging as much recently as I should have been.  The reason?  Twitter.

I use my blog to tell people what I’ve been doing recently.  My readers are usually friends and family, unless a passer-by happens to stumble across something via Google that interests them.  My posts are generally about things I’m interested in, things I’ve done, things I meant to do but didn’t, or things that I want to rant about.

But now I’ve fallen in love with Twitter, my Twhirl client always running on my desktop, ready to accept my latest status update as and when I feel led to bend the world’s ear with my 140 characters of insight.  No logging in, no pressure to write unnecessary paragraphs of fluff, just a short blast of information.  No time like the present.  The result is that I feel like I’ve told the world what’s going on, despite the noticeable absence on my blog.  So I apologise that I’ve not posted more here in recent weeks.  Blame Twitter for being so darn addictive.

In fact, so addictive and successful is Twitter that I have all but forgotten the existence of Facebook.  Remember Facebook?  I used to use it to find all my friends and keep in touch with what they were doing.  But once all my friends were found it sort of lost its attraction.  I logged in occasionally to check the news feed to find out what people’s latest status updates were, and that was about it.  Don’t even try persuading me to take interest in an application, I have absolutely no desire to clutter my life with anything else.  Once I started using Twitter I realised that the status bit was all I was using Facebook for, and Twitter was just better at doing that.  So I suppose another apology is required for Facebook aficionados.  No time like the present.

So, an update, then.  Yesterday (which was Sunday) Ellie and I went to church.  Four times.  We went to the 9:25am service, which is the more traditional one, where we sang surprisingly few carols given it was the second Sunday of Advent and the first Sunday in December.  Then we hung around for the 11am service, which is a more contemporary and informal service, a bit like the old Chaplaincy services of yore.  While we were there they were advertising the Meditation service that was happening at 5pm, and we thought “why not”.  No time like the present.  So after lunch and an hour or two that I remember very little about, we headed out to church again.  The meditation was candle-lit, and was actually quite useful in getting my head focused on God again and taking Christmas seriously.  Then, after a few cakes and refreshments we headed over to the Salvation Army for The Gathering, which is an ecumenical Churches Together service with some singing and prayer, where we ate more cake.

And now we’re waiting.  Still waiting.  Our baby is officially due today, Monday 7th December, but I don’t think anyone’s told the baby.  We keep trying to persuade it that it’s much nicer out here, that it’ll have more room to move, that there’s more to see, and that there’s no time like the present, but so far there’s no indication of anything happening.  In all honesty we’re both getting a bit bored of all this waiting.  They say you should cherish each moment, because you’ll never get those ‘just the two of us’ moments again.  But then they said that about a lot of other things too, and we don’t believe them.  We want a baby.  We ordered it, we were told the delivery date, and it hasn’t come yet.  Maybe we should contact DHL and see if they have a tracking code for it…

Oh, and our house is all Christmassy.  We were thinking about it last week, and that with the baby due any day now we ought to get the decorations up sooner rather than later, otherwise they may never be put up at all.  No time like the present, after all.  So I dug out all our decorations from the garage, and we decorated the tree.  Trouble is, our house has grown.  That is to say, this house is significantly bigger than our previous house, and our decorations don’t go as far any more.  So on Saturday we went to Tesco to find some more.  We were very disappointed at their range of decorations, truth be told, and came away with very little.  So in the afternoon we went to Dobbies Garden World to see what their Christmas range was.  They had a huge range of stuff, but it was all rather expensive and arty, and we didn’t pick up much their either.  Turns out we have a much cheaper, tackier approach to decorations, and neither of those shops catered to people like us.  We managed to find some cheap tinsel in Focus though, and our house is now a lot more Christmassy than it was.  And in years to come I’m sure it’ll be even more heaving, what with paper chains and home-made decorations and suchlike.

That’s all from me for now.  Things to do.  No time like the present, so I’m told.


Ian Daniels · 8 December 2009 at 10:53 am

Hi Matthew, Congrats on the baby!

And can I say like you we are loving Twitter at the moment so maybe we will chat to you there ?

Should you need anything else for Christmas you will will find that has loads of great deals and if you enter “Welcome” at checkout you can get an extra 15% off!

Best Regards,

Dobbies online 🙂

Sarah · 15 December 2009 at 1:42 pm

You forgot to mention your name on twitter so we can spy on you there too

Phill · 16 December 2009 at 4:15 pm


Surprisingly there have been no updates over the past few days 😉

Matthew · 16 December 2009 at 4:28 pm

Thanks Phill for filling in that gap! And yes, well spotted, my absence here has indeed been unsurprising for those already in the loop – my wife and I had our first baby on 13th December, so we’re still getting used to that! I’ll no doubt post a proper thingie up here when I’ve had a little more sleep and words present themselves more freely…!

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