It all started on Monday evening.  First it was just a sensation of being cold, a mild shiver, accompanied by an overwhelming tiredness.  By bed time it had developed into full-on Man Flu.  I spent much of the night awake, trying in vain to get warm, shivering uncontrollably and suffering from an almighty headache.  By the time morning came I was exhausted, with all my muscles aching from being tense all night, still tired from lack of sleep, and generally feeling poo.

Now, when I say it was “Man Flu” I do actually mean that.  It wasn’t proper flu.  I wasn’t dying.  I was up and about most of the day and, other than a couple of hours dozing in bed in the afternoon, it didn’t stop me from doing anything.  Certainly the symptoms weren’t as violent as I’m led to believe ‘proper’ flu brings with it.  What I had was more likely a 24-hour flu like I’ve had before.  So I just put up with it.

24 hours later and the symptoms were beginning to wane.  That was Tuesday evening.  I felt much better, and had every expectation that I would be right as rain come morning.

That night I shivered again, and when I awoke I felt much the same as I had the previous morning.  Clearly, this wasn’t going to go away quite as easily as previous flus.  Ah well, another day of lethargy wasn’t the end of the world, and as I work from home it meant that I could actually still work without it affecting my productivity too much.  Sure, work was a little slower at times, but I coped.  I had also developed a nasty cough, too, which was just plain annoying.  It was a dry cough in the throat, tickly at first and then stingingly painful when I actually coughed.

Ellie has been looking after me very well though.  I do actually feel somewhat guilty about that, of course, as she’s pregnant at the moment and really and truly I should be the one looking after her.  Still, trooper that she is, she toddled off to the village chemist on Wednesday and brought back an assortment of drugs and suchlike to sooth the symptoms.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Covonia does actually work, and my throat felt noticeably more comfortable after a single dose.  Again I had a post-lunch doze, before going back to work for a few hours.

And then something very interesting happened.  I was hot.  Very hot.  Having spent most of the day trying to keep warm, I suddenly found myself taking off both jumpers to leave just my T-shirt, and had the fan on in the study to try to cool down.  Very odd.  An hour or so later things returned to normal, though, and the jumpers went back on.  And after an evening sat watching Blackadder I went to bed.

And at about 2am I got up again.  Not because I felt better, nor because I felt worse, but simply because I was thirsty.  So I had a glass of water, topped up on some pills just for good measure, and went back to bed.  I spent the following two hours trying in vain to get back to sleep.  I was hot again, and not in the least bit tired.  So now I’m downstairs, having satisfied my prematurely active stomach with a yoghurt, at 4:30am, blogging.  The gerbil is understandably confused by the whole thing.

Here’s hoping tomorrow – or is that today? – brings with it signs of improvement.  I’ve already had to sacrifice badminton and youth band practice this week on account of illness, I’d rather not have to miss anything else…

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Phill · 5 November 2009 at 9:49 am

Awwww, poor Matthew!

Sounds like you’ve been hit by the proper old-fashioned Man Flu.

Hope you feel better soon, don’t push yourself too hard – that will only delay your getting better!

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