I recently got an email from a dear friend of mine which simply said “You are such a geek.”  No explanation, no context, just a single statement.  I love you too, AM.  My guess is that she had checked my blog and found a myriad of particularly geeky posts, for which I can only apologise; my recent offerings have indeed revolved around such joys as Lego, hacking my mobile phone, doing clever things with computers and my mobile, and joining the ranks of Twitterers.  Unabashedly geeky, I have to admit.

So, this post is part apology, part solution.  I do apologise to any of my loyal blog followers who may have been put off by the content of my recent posts.  I also apologise to any new followers who have seen the geekiness and expect that to be the only subject matter from now on and for all time – sorry, I’m not that much of a geek.  Herewith, therefore, is a post that is not geeky.  Or at least not intentionally.

So… erm… life.  Good.

I saw a bunny the other day.  It was cute.

Oooh, I’ve just remembered I do actually have something I can blog about after all.  So away with the random ramblings for a moment.  My wife and I went on holiday for a few days last week.  It was all a bit spontaneous, actually – we started thinking about it the week before, decided where and when we’d go, booked it, and went.  We didn’t actually get a holiday over the summer, you see, so we figured we’d squeeze in a nice short break before the weather deteriorates too much further, and before the baby arrives and changes our lives irreversibly from then on.  We booked a couple of nights in a guest house in Weymouth (a little place called Philbeach Guest House, highly recommended!) and drove down on Thursday afternoon.

The weather was beautiful all day, quite uncharacteristically sunny actually, for mid-October.  So after checking in at the guest house we wandered along the beach, stopping off half way along to buy ice creams.  Yes, ice creams on a beach in October.  We also found a nice old ship moored up at the docks, found nothing at all on at the theatre (boo, hiss), and found part of the town centre with a load of shops that had already closed for the day.  We also found a pub in the middle of town where we had dinner, just catching the last of their food serving times (not quite sure why they would stop serving at 5:30pm, just as people start looking for food…).  It was quite nice, though a bit rowdy on account of the locals (who, for some unknown reason, were undeniably Welsh) collecting money for charity, promising that one of them was going to have one of his eyebrows shaved off.  We heard the roars of laughter coming from upstairs later on, so presumably they raised enough to persuade him to go through with it, although we never actually saw it (or didn’t see it, as the case may be) for our own eyes.

On Friday it was overcast pretty much all day, and rained at about lunchtime, but we had expected that (thanks to an accurate weather forecast) and were prepared for it.  We went to the Sealife Centre (taking advantage of a 2-for-1 offer the guest house landlady had given us), where we found lots of fishes, sharks, rays, more fishes, a couple of turtles, four sealions and a couple of otters.  I took a fair few photos and quite a bit of video too (on our new camcorder), so I guess I ought to upload those at some point.  We spent part of the afternoon in town, doing a little window-shopping and suchlike, and then went back to the guest house to relax and read for a bit before heading out in the evening.  We went to another pub, one that served dinner at a helpful time, and I splashed out and had a curry (don’t do that often, and haven’t had one in the last few years) which was lovely.  Then we went round the corner to the cinema and watched The Invention of Lying.  It was pretty good, not spectacular, but raised some interesting questions about truth, social conditioning and human nature.

Saturday brought glorious sunshine again, and after checking out we headed off to Monkey World, which isn’t actually in Weymouth (or particularly near it, in fact), but was near enough for us to visit it as part of our holiday.  There were lots of monkeys, surprise surprise.  And all manner of other ape-like creatures, too.  There were gibbons, orang-utangs, monkeys, lemurs, capuchins and marmosets.  The enclosures were superb, lovely and spacious with plenty to do, and all the animals seemed quite happy to be there.  It did mean a fair bit of walking around, as the site was quite big, so we were both quite glad to sit down for lunch in the cafe.

And then we came home.  Short but sweet.

In other news, I spent most of Sunday at church (thanks to two services in the morning and then leading worship for the evening service), my brother and his fiancee are coming to visit tomorrow, we’re getting a trailer-tent at some point (subject to me getting a tow bar fitted to the car), we need a new vacuum cleaner, I was inexplicably in a Christmassy mood this evening, I love my wife lots and lots, and we need a new tap in the kitchen because ours is broken.

And finally, one last sneaky big of geerkery.  I’m looking into getting a new mobile phone.  Not because my current one is broken or dying, but because I’ve had it several years now and everyone else seems to be getting a new phone and I’m feeling a tad jealous.  So I’m weighing up the LG Cookie and the Samsung Tocco Lite, both of which are fairly affordable touch-screen phones.  They have very similar specs, but on the basis of the reviews I’m tending towards the Tocco Lite at the moment.  We’ll see.


Sarah · 13 October 2009 at 8:37 am

Actaully I’m petty sure AM hasn’t seen your blog recently. So keep guessing…

What’s that? Hmm…? Oh yes!

Of course *I* know why you’re a geek but I’m not telling.

Sarah · 13 October 2009 at 8:38 am

Also glad to hear your news about the cute bunny.

This pleases me.

Phill · 13 October 2009 at 8:55 am

Sarah, you worry me sometimes. Well, most of the time, actually, but then I guess the feeling is reciprocated 😉

Philbeach guest house? We’ll have to go there! (See, it has a “Phil” in the name. How deliciously absurd!) I have actually been to Weymouth quite a few years ago, I think we might have been to the Sealife centre.

I looked at the LG Cookie and Tocco Lite before eventually getting the Samsung 5600. But both look like excellent phones though.

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