583236_red_wine_2They say you’re only as old as you feel.  That’s all very well if you just continue to feel the same as you always did, but when things change your perception of your age can vary.  When I met my wife, she very definitely brought out the little kid in me, and much fun has been had as a result.  For instance, today before church she stuck her tongue out at me, and I stuck mine out in return, and when the inevitable accusing finger was pointed in my direction I naturally blamed the lady stood next to me.  Who was completely innocent, of course.  Nothing too unusual there, at least for us, but in that context it somewhat confused those around us.  One young girl told me to “act my age”.

The trouble is, I keep flitting between ages at the moment.  There are some things I do that are very childish, like playing Lego Indiana Jones on the PS2.  But, scarily enough, lately it has been outweighed by the number of grown-up things I’ve done.  On Friday I put together a cot.  On Saturday morning I got the outside lights to work.  On Saturday afternoon I drilled holes in the wall of the downstairs cloakroom to hang a couple of wavy mirrors.  On Saturday evening I sat down in the evening with slippers and half a glass of wine.  Today at lunchtime I had another half glass of wine with my roast, and this afternoon I fully intend on fixing a couple of coat hooks to the nursery door.  It’s like I’ve become a man.Now, it’s worth pointing out the significance of a couple of the activities listed above, notably the ones about drinking half a glass of wine.  I am not a wine drinker.  In fact, as a rule I don’t drink alcohol full-stop.  Not because I think it’s wrong, but because I’ve just never liked the taste of it.  But the other day while walking round Tesco I suddenly really fancied a glass of wine.  So I bought myself one of those tiny single-portion bottles of Blossom Hill rosé wine.  Yes, it still tasted of alcohol, but I guess because I was willing to embrace it I was able to look beyond that and taste the colourful fruitiness as well.  It wasn’t bad, actually.  I can still only manage half a glass at a time, though, which is probably a good thing because as I’m not used to drinking alcoholic beverages I’m sure it would affect me more noticeably, even in small quantities.

Drilling holes in walls is also something worth highlighting, I feel.  It’s not that I’m afraid of doing DIY around the house, I’m just slightly cautious because it’s a rented house and I’m largely inexperienced at such things.  I know the theory, and I do have a reasonable selection of tools thanks to a fairly large donation from my father-in-law, but putting it all into practice is something of a mental challenge.  It was therefore a very tentative start when I began drilling into the wall, and wasn’t entirely expecting the different densities of stone as I drilled through (I was expecting it to be constant all the way through, but I guess the top layer was plaster or something so it was incredibly soft).  Still, the holes were eventually drilled and the mirrors hung, and it’s made a huge improvement to the feel of the room, and indeed the hall outside too when the door is open and you can see in.

So, to maintain the balance, I feel I must now go and do something utterly and completely childish.  Maybe I’ll gorge myself on chocolate this evening, or play some silly computer games.  Any other suggestions?

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Ed · 18 October 2009 at 5:29 pm

That would be my suggestion.

Phill · 18 October 2009 at 8:25 pm

I think you should hold a fancy dress part with just you and Ellie. And then eat lots of chocolate and play silly computer games.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and dress up, then play silly computer games and eat chocolate 😉

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