11-09-09_0932Slowness of work and lack of motivation to find it (no doubt caused by my cold) meant that mid-afternoon today I gave up staring at my computer and went and got productive with the Lego instead.  I say “productive”, some might argue that building a Lego car doesn’t quite count as there is no ultimate gain at the end of it, other than a little self-back-patting.  Nonetheless, my aching back and legs are testament to the hours I spent sat on the floor today.  That and the visible progress I’ve made (photos coming tomorrow now added).


With the basic chassis pretty much sorted I started work on the body, taking some inspiration from a Ford Mustang but generally doing what I could with the pieces I have to make something vaguely resembling a muscle car.  First came the front bumper, which incorporated some cool headlights.  Photos don’t do justice to just how cool they look, especially in the dark.  I’m going for a red body, with a white stripe down the middle.  Making convincing curves with Lego has always been a challenge, and the result is usually a somewhat angular version of the intended curves.  Basically, use your imagination and you’ll see a pretty car underneath.

With the front bumper and wheel arches sculpted, I became aware that the front of the car was fast becoming quite heavy, and the suspension was taking a lot more weight than I’d anticipated.  I should have learnt that lesson from when I made my Batman Tumbler, when I had a similar problem with the front suspension (though in all fairness that was a complicated setup, more so than this one).  I don’t think it helped that I moved the engine so that it was directly over the wheels, effectively pushing a lot more of the weight to the front of the car.  The front bumper is also quite dense, and loathe as I am to strip it back I’m beginning to think I might have to.  It’s either that or have the front wheels scraping the top of the wheel arches the whole time and losing all the action in the suspension, which would be a shame.

11-09-09_0934I also made a start on the rest of the body, tweaking the rear suspension mounts and making the rear subframe more rigid thanks to a sort of roll bar I’ve installed in a bright yellow.  It’s far from being cosmetic though, with the diagonals really stiffening up the rear of the car.  It also meant I had something to attach the roof to.  Creating the front windscreen was a nice challenge too, creating a flexible series of struts that eventually connected together to give a more realistic shape to the top of the car.  While I was at it I also routed the steering both to an interior steering wheel (just in case I inexplicably shrink in size so I can sit inside the car) and to an alternative steering wheel mounted conveniently on the roof so I can actually steer it.

11-09-09_0933The main problem I foresee for tomorrow is finding enough red pieces.  I’m fast running out of them and I still have a lot of sculpting to do on the rear end.  I think it’s going to end up being somewhat minimal at the back, unless I can justify working in some other colours.  Reducing the weight of the front of the car might help though, freeing up some more red pieces that can be reused elsewhere.  Even so, I doubt I’ll have enough left over to put in working doors, and with the weight issue already surfacing it’s unlikely I’ll be able to do much with the interior either.  Still, I’m really pleased with the progress today – it’s finally looking like a car!

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