Yes, I’ve got the Lego out again.  Unlike last time I have work to do during the day, so my building is restricted to free evenings, so progress is a little slower.  Still, nothing like a good challenge.  The project this time round is a vehicle of some sort, probably a sports car or similar.  The reason for the uncertainty is that the main goal is to experiment with a combination of suspension and an active drivetrain.  I experimented a while back with ways of getting a 4×4 drive system in place, but that proved too complicated given the bricks I have, so this time I’m going for the front wheels doing the steering and the rear wheels being connected to the engine, and with all four wheels having some form of suspension, albeit limited travel.

Today I started work on the front of the car, trying to get a setup capable of steering and suspension in a small space (I want to leave space for the engine in the front too).  In the end I stole an idea from another model, and used the front suspension and steering system almost straight out of the instruction booklet.  The next problem was working out how to connect that solidly to a subframe and not have it get in the way of the drivetrain.

The steering mechanism puts the steering column smack bang in the centre of the subframe, which would be fine were it not for the fact that that’s exactly where I want the drive shaft to be.  I’m going to have to move the steering column to one side eventually so they can sit next to each other.

The engine itself is going to be a V6, connected directly to the rear wheels (no gearbox, no clutch, no electric motor, just keeping things simple for now).

At the moment I’m having real difficulty figuring out how to connect the front axle to the subframe and the engine.  I think I’ll have to sleep on it and see if I can visualise a way through this…

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