youtube_logoI don’t usually do this, but this post is primarily concerned with linking to cool stuff I’ve found elsewhere on the web.  Not very original on my behalf, so be thankful that this doesn’t happen often.  However, they are things I thought it would be fun to share, simply because I enjoyed them.  All of them are videos on YouTube, and both were ‘featured’ items today, which is how I stumbled across them – testament that featuring items does actually work sometimes.

The first gem I found was directed to is a mick-take of the age-old Mario Bros video game that grew to popularity with the advent of the original Gameboy.  This video takes a look at the scene at the end of the level where Mario saves the princess.  Hilarious.  A little gory right at the end, but nothing too graphic.  Definitely worth a watch.

My second offering is the epitomy of cute, and despite the complete lack of verbal script the story it conveys is brilliantly executed.  The animation is simplistic – line drawings only – but is carefully and wittily crafted into a short animation that’s beautiful and hilarious.  And so true.  Also worth a watch are the three other animations by the same artist.

And finally, a bit of silliness, courtesy of the end of the world.  Yes, someone’s gone and done a rap about the Large Hadron Collider.  Silly, silly, silly.  They’ve even put the words up on the video so you can sing along.  I’ve no idea how accurate it is from a scientific standpoint (but then how much of science is completely accurate anyway?), but it’s the sort of thing I can imagine physics teachers would like to use in class to give the impression they’re cool, and undoubtedly prove otherwise in the process despite their efforts.

So there we go, a selection of video clips I found amusing today.  Not my own work, but never fear – normal service will resume presently…

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