Now, I’m not the sort of person who encourages violent arguments about who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’, especially when it comes to your choice of computer.  What is right for one person may well be wrong for another, and the term ‘better’ is only really quantifiable within certain constraints; my Mac is better at surfing the web, but my toaster is still better at making toast.  I’ve read (and heard) arguments on all sides about which operating system is superior, some of them quite heated.

My own conclusions seem to run along the following lines: PCs are cheap and familiar and make good home computers, but tend to get easily overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of software available and it susceptibility to viruses; Macs are beautiful and easy to use once you get the hang of them, but the insistence on top-quality hardware pushes the prices up; Linux is great for getting down and dirty with networking and programming and suchlike, but lacks the intuitive user interface for most normal people.

I was slightly dubious, therefore, when I came across this video entitled “Mac vs. PC”, inwardly groaning at the thought of yet another OS-bashing video.  However, this one takes the idea a step further, drawing inspiration from a cartoon/toy/movie franchise that claims to be “more than meets the eye”.  This video is definitely worth a peek!

[youtube uLbJ8YPHwXM]

Many thanks to The Unofficial Apple Weblog for this particular link.  Good stuff.

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