Despite having been in the web design industry for several years, it’s taken until this week to get myself into a community of like-minded people in that respect.  I’m surprised at myself that it’s taken me this long.  Still, better late than never.

It all stemmed from a problem I was having, and searching the net hadn’t provided an answer, so I felt asking some actual people might prove more effective.  And so I found myself wandering around the Web Designer Forum, a UK-based community (well, the web site is based in the UK, the members could be from anywhere I suppose) specifically for web designers like me.  I was able to introduce myself, ask my first question, get some responses, and answer some questions other people had, all within a couple of days of discovering the site.  They seem like a genuinely nice bunch of people, so I’m expecting to hang around this site for some time!

A knock-on effect of this is that it also counts as advertising for my business web site, the URL for which is slipped into my signature.  Incidentally, my site recently had a major upgrade, so if you haven’t had a look recently then I encourage you to take a peek.  It’s got a revised look and feel, a proper company logo (at last), and some set packages for web sites rather than doing it all on an hourly rate.  Obviously each project will need to be taken on individually, and even if people request a package I may advise them differently if what they want and what that package offers differs wildly, but it should help people see just how much – or indeed, how little – web sites can cost.

Sorry, shameless plug over!

Anyway, the main point I was trying to share is that I’m enjoying being part of a community again.  Now that I’m selling my Mini, my involvement with the Colchester Mini Club has diminished, much to my disappointment, and I’m missing contact with the outside world.  Okay, so an internet forum isn’t quite the same as meeting with real people, but it’s better than nothing!  And it is something else I’m genuinely interested in.  I’ve also been able to answer several people’s questions so far too, which is encouraging because it suggests I may be better at this whole web design thing than I often give myself credit for.  Humility and business rarely walk hand-in-hand when you’re trying to sell your services!

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