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Rooted is a band I set up at Orchard Baptist Church a couple of years ago, mostly playing completely original songs written by members of the band.  After almost a year and a half in the making, our debut album is now finished and available for you to buy.  At the moment there are limited copies available, so get your bookings in now to ensure you don’t miss out!

In the beginning features 7 songs, including one bonus track at the end, and covers a range of musical styles, from rock to reflective, with the aim of stimulating worship in a variety of ways.  From the loud and rocky “Father God you reign” to the softer “I draw near” featuring a cello trio, there is something for everyone in this concise album of original Christian music.

To buy your copy of In the beginning, contact Matthew either in person or by e-mail.

Track listing:

  1. Father God you reign
  2. In the beginning
  3. God will always be there
  4. Beautiful Lord
  5. I draw near
  6. O Lord my God
  7. Do I need riches (bonus)

Band members:

  • Matthew Dawkins (guitars, vocals, additional instruments)
  • Berkeley Young (acoustic guitar)
  • Paula Stubbs (vocals)
  • Rachel Paterson (bass)
  • Luke Knight (percussion)
  • Anna Lane (keyboard)
  • James Green (drums)

A big thank you to Orchard Baptist Church for allowing us to use the church for recording, and for the use of your microphones.  And a big shout out to Rachel and Luke, both of whom are off at uni at the moment.

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