Ian and LucyFirstly, a big congratulations to Ian and Lucy! Welcome to the club of married-folk…

It was a superb day, bathed in glorious sunshine and with not a hitch in sight. Other than that of Ian and Lucy, of course. Getting hitched, I mean. The service at St Botolph’s church in Colchester was lovely, with plenty of warmth and a sense of the usual level of excellence that tends to follow Ian around. Everything had been intricately planned and was well executed from start to finish. Ian and his two best men looked very smart, though respectfully upstaged by Lucy’s gorgeous wedding dress, and the bridesmaids’ dresses were sumptuous too.

I actually sang in the choir too, which was good fun. In the invitation to the wedding Ian and Lucy had asked whether anyone would like to sing in the service as part of the choir, and following my offer I was sent music for the two pieces we were to sing during the communion and signing of the register. They were both beautiful pieces, though both unknown to me. Thankfully my voice was in good nick that day, and despite not sight-singing anything for years I managed to get to grips with both by singing along to YouTube the day before. The acoustics in the church are fantastic, so the choir sounded superb.

After the service we went outside on the bit of green next to the church for photos, and after that piled into cars or the coach Ian and Lucy had laid on and drove to the reception, Kersey Mill, about half an hour’s drive away in Suffolk. For those who don’t know that part of the country particularly well, it’s in the middle of nowhere, so you’re unlikely to find it unless you’re lost. Still, it’s a lovely place to get lost in, lots of windy country roads and little sign of civilisation… Anyway, I digress. The reception was very smart, and we were constantly topped up with an assortment of beverages, in varying degrees of alcoholicness.

After a while stood in the foyer we were eventually ushered upstairs to the hall, where the tables and chairs had been laid out for the wedding breakfast. And yes, they did actually refer to it as the ‘wedding breakfast’, which we thought was quite fun. The food was all very posh and tasted lovely, though there was the traditional hour’s wait between courses, which was my only complain. Then again, it wasn’t the sort of meal, or occasion, that needed to be rushed through. The food was there to be savoured, not devoured, and although there wasn’t masses of food it did adequately fill a space, especially the incredibly rich chocolate pot we had for pudding, served in a shot glass.

Then came the speeches, cake, toasts, and more chit-chat, before we were encouraged downstairs while the staff rearranged the room into a dance hall for the rest of the evening. They had a live band playing for most of the evening, playing a mix of modern and more classic hits. About half way through the band took a break and Mr Phill took over on the decks; I desperately wanted to sit down and rest my tired feet, but the tunes he brought out were just so infectious I just couldn’t stop dancing! Nice one Phill. After about 25 minutes the band got back up and started playing, and Ellie and I decided it was time to call it a night.

Oh, and we had Andy C sleeping on our floor too, which I think he appreciated. He was back off to Germany this morning though, so it was just a flying visit. It was good to see people at the wedding, although most I either didn’t know at all or saw fairly regularly anyway. The only exception there was Katie, who I shared a house with for two years and haven’t been in touch with since! It was good to see her too, though we didn’t get much chance to catch up properly.

Photos of the day are now online, so check them out if you’re interested.

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