On Saturday evening Ellie and I (and several others) went to Alison’s birthday party, which was fancy dress – the theme this time round was favourite kids’ TV characters.  As usual, Ellie and I put in hours of preparation in creating our costumes (we realised that the last excuse we’d had to do fancy dress was my birthday party back in March), and we both looked fantastic!  The party was lots of fun, and there were a lot of characters present, and no duplicates either, which was impressive.

I had some difficulty finding a character to begin with, as Thomas The Tank Engine doesn’t lend itself easily to fancy dress.  In the end I settled on Dangermouse, which was actually a fairly straightforward costume, and a trip to the charity shops turned up the basis fairly easily.  I wore a pair of white trousers (a little too big round the waist, but nothing a bit of string wouldn’t fix), a white hoodie, red belt (actually a black belt that Ellie made a red covering for), ears made out of cardboard and covered in cotton wool and attached to a hair band (many hours spent figuring that out), a DM badge, a black eye patch, and a healthy dose of face paint.  Admittedly the face paint wasn’t brilliant, and was a bit patchy in places, but other than that I was really pleased with it.  Those of you on Facebook will be able to see photos of the evening too!

Ellie went as Snoopy, also in white, with a home-made tail, lots of face paint, and hair done up to look like ears.  I personally think hers was the better costume, but when it came to the vote I won by a small margin (we shared the chocolate though).  Also at the party were Kim Possible, Clarissa, Penelope Pitstop, Dr Who (9th), Shaggy, Bob the Builder’s cousin Derek the Decorator and Brenda his assistant, Angelica, Rosie, Sabrina and Salem.

There was lots of pizza, lots of sugar, lots of chatter, lots of fun, lots of costumes.  So thank you Alison for having a birthday party, we all enjoyed it thoroughly!

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