The time has finally come.  There is no alternative.  This morning, my Mac refused to turn on at all.  It has been temperamental for a while now, taking a good hour or so to ‘warm up’ before booting into the operating system, but so far this morning the computer has been on for two hours and still no life.  I have checked and reseated the RAM, and that’s not made any difference, which narrows it down to the processor – apparently it only needs the processor and the RAM to produce the startup chime.  Admittedly the processor is a third-party upgrade, put on before I bought the computer, enhancing it from a pokey 450MHz to a more respectable 1GHz.  Still, without the original processor to put back in my options are limited, so I’m now looking on eBay for a new Mac.

It’s a shame, because my little Blue&White G3 has done me very well so far, marching boldly onwards when technology everywhere else is being retired in favour of newer models.  Tiger runs very nicely on 1GHz, and even copes admirably with running a dozen applications at the same time, including the entire Adobe CreativeSuite!  I’ve thrown so much at my poor computer, and I guess the time has finally come for it to throw the towel in and call it a day.

I’m now looking at buying a Mac Mini.  On the one hand, a conventional G4 PowerMac might be more suitable, in that it has more potential for upgrading, but since I’ve not really had to upgrade my B&W I’m not sure that’s quite as much of an issue.  The Mac Mini also has a much greater cool-factor.

So for now I’m stuck using my old PC, which has been dragged out for today so that I can at least make some attempt at doing something productive.  Hopefully I’ll get a replacement Mac very soon, and I’ll be back online soon.  Then the fun part begins, setting up my computer again, installing programs, tweaking stuff to my liking.  Watch this space…

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Phill · 7 November 2007 at 12:09 pm

Matthew, I think you have a bigger tolerance for “coping admirably”… I have to say, your old Mac did lag a bit as it was performing its daily tasks… if my computer was that slow I would think about upgrading!

Although having said that, your Mac is probably a step up from your old PC, I guess it depends what you’re used to…

Simon · 7 November 2007 at 9:05 pm

I’m thinking of upgrading my iBook G4 soon. I’m guessing you’re looking for a desktop so that you can play with its innards more easily, but if you’d be interested in a laptop, let me know!

Matthew · 8 November 2007 at 11:33 am

I have now bought a Mac Mini to replace my B&W G3, so that should be arriving sometime soon, probably next week. Affordable, probably got everything I’ll need for now, not upgradeable very easily but I can live with that. In the meantime I’ve set up my PC so that I can still work. XP really isn’t very inspiring… I’ll be glad to get back to a Mac!

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