Having recently reclaimed my collection of Lego a couple of weekends ago, and with Ellie out at work all day this week (12 hour days, ouch), I have been taking the opportunity to sort all the Lego out.  This is a job that hasn’t been done properly in many many years, not since I was back at school.  Since I left for university the Lego has been in Peter’s possession, but by the looks of things he’s hardly used it.  I can still recognise bits that were parts of models I made when it was mine, and haven’t been taken apart since!  Peter never was as enthusiastic about Lego as I was, at least not in the same way – I would built anything that came to mind in intricate detail, whereas I think Peter just built what the instructions told him.

The shear amount of Lego is quite impressive, I had forgotten just how much of it there was.  Admittedly not all of it had been mine back then, there are a few models that were Christopher’s briefly before I inherited them, and some that were Peter’s after I bequeathed my collection to him.  Having reclaimed everything now, there’s quite a substantial pile of pieces, and when I started on Monday evening none of it was in any sort of order.  Nightmare.

So, a little background music, a cup of tea, some chocolate, and I sat down and started sifting through the pieces by hand one by one sorting them into boxes.  The obvious down side to this is that it took me two full evenings to get through, and I ended up with raw fingers and thumbs from prying pieces apart.  On the other hand, I have handled every single piece and know what I’ve got, and it’s all neat and sorted now so building things should be easier too.

Batman TumblerSo, what to do with this newly-sorted Lego?  Well, today I took a break from work for a few hours (a few more hours than I had planned, but never mind) and started building the “Tumbler”, which is the new Batmobile from the latest Batman movie.  It’s an awesome vehicle, featuring front wheels that steer without a conventional steering rack.  That provided the biggest technical challenge, fitting a steering mechanism into such a narrow space that worked, was reliable, and didn’t look out of place.  After much playing around, fiddling, and trying out of various ideas, I finally came up with something solid.  It’s an odd idea, but I figured if they did it for real on full-scale I should be able to mimic it at Lego scale without too much difficulty.  It’s also got full independent suspension on all four wheels, which I’ve not been able to do before.  At the moment it’s still only a bare chassis, no bodywork to speak of, but it works.  It steers, the suspension is awesome, it handles reasonably well, and there is plenty of room for adding in the bodywork later.

I’m quite pleased with the steering mechanism actually.  I ought to take some photos of it, or maybe even a video clip showing it all working!  It’s nice to know that I’ve not lost my touch in the years I’ve been without my Lego…

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