Christmas came early this year. Though not in the way you might expect. Since Ellie will be working all through the Christmas period we won’t be able to go visiting people then, so we drove down to Torquay to see my parents this weekend, to catch up and see people before things get manic here. They’re all hoping to come up and visit us at some point, but it was good to see them nonetheless.

Peter, my brother, has a ukelale. Not just any ukelale, a “flying-V” electric ukelale. It’s a strange mix of radical and cheesy, and suits him down to the ground. He’s just recently invested in an amp too, tiny little orange thing that makes a really piercing noise, but he likes it. Actually, all my family is quite mad. Makes me feel right at home.

While we were there I took the opportunity to reclaim a few items that belong to me, things from my childhood that my parents have been looking after ever since. I came back to Wivenhoe with an enormous collection of Lego, a bowling pin, a tin of obsolete money, an art folder full of school work, a rubber lizard, and various other bits and pieces. There’s still a pile of my stuff in the loft, but thankfully not as large a collection as there might have been, so Mum’s happy. The Lego is in quite a state, and really needs sorting out and categorising again, so I’ll have to set aside a few days and go through it all, putting bits into piles and boxes and suchlike. Ellie will love me for that.

On the trip back here Neddy hit the 80,000 mile mark on the odometer. That’s a bit of a milestone. When I bought the car it only had 64K on the clock. Somehow I feel guilty at having added to that so significantly in the 2 years I’ve had it. Still, he’s done remarkably well, considering the age and mileage, and although the engine does need an overhaul at some point it all works fine, more or less. I need to tighten the fan belt though, it was making a horrible noise driving through Colchester. But there was no complaint at driving through the rain all the way from Torquay, loads of spray and fine rain that would have killed some Minis in an instant. Thankfully the modern fuel injection system works a treat, giving reliability to an otherwise ancient engine. Well done, Neddy!

Now I’m home and playing with my new toy. Since the tragic demise of my G3 Blue&White Mac, I have invested in a (second hand) Mac Mini, which is working really well so far. It’s not expandable in terms of its hardware, but what it has as standard should do me fine for several years. It’s tiny! I’m in the process of installing all my old programs and restoring all my documents from the old hard disk, which has been put in an external caddy and will now serve as a backup drive. It may still be a few days before I’m back to normal completely, but it’s all good fun.


Mitch · 16 March 2008 at 10:10 am

Wait, Neddy… is a he?

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