For those of you whom I haven’t told already, I’m in the market for a new guitar. A couple of years ago I bought a nice Fender Stratacoustic, which is effectively an acoustic guitar that looks like an electric, with the idea that it would be able to perform the job of both an acoustic and an electric at the same time, saving me a bit of money in the process. Unfortunately, as with most things that try to do too much, it’s only really mediocre at either. On its own the body isn’t really loud enough unamplified to fill a large room, and the action just isn’t set up for electric guitar licks, and can’t be adjusted because it doesn’t have the useful adjusters for tweaking the intonation and action. However, with my deposit due back from my previous house I shall have enough money to spare that I can go out and do the job properly and get a good electric guitar and amp. The problem is, I’ve got to decide what to get…

Last week I went to the Music Warehouse in town with Anne-Marie to help her choose an electric guitar, bass guitar, amp and accessories. Actually that was an interesting experience, because people kept coming up to me and asking me questions, at which point I had to apologetically say “sorry, but I don’t actually work here!!” Anyway, she ended up coming away with some good starter instruments, nothing fancy or expensive, but enough to get her started anyway. I did get the bug a bit though, and that’s encouraged me to bite the bullet and buy a new toy myself. Music Warehouse has a sale on at the moment, so I might pop in there tomorrow and see what I can find.

Having looked on various web sites it looks like Music Warehouse has a fairly limited range, which is frustrating. I’m after something quite specific, both in terms of style and function. I need an amp with a dedicated line out (not headphone) socket, so that I can plug the amp into the PA system at church and still have the sound coming through the amp for foldback, and cheepo rehearsal amps don’t tend to have that. I’m also after a guitar that not only looks distinctive but will also be pleasing to play. I’ve fallen in love with the Yamaha RGX A2, which has all sorts of modern-looking extras that make it look drop-dead-gorgeous. And from reading some reviews, apparently it sounds fantastic too and plays really well.

So then I thought, well why not go and play the Yamaha guitar in the shop, then buy it online with an amp? I’ve found a nice amp that will do the job, and then some, that’s just about within budget (i.e. not excessively over what I was planning on spending). The Line 6 Spider III 15 is awesome, by the looks of it. It’s plenty powerful enough for my purposes, and has some pretty stunning functionality, including several styles of distortion and a reverb function with a tap button to set the delay length – how cool is that!! In fact, for that alone I’m seriously considering just buying everything from the web site and hoping for the best. I know it’s not exactly ideal, buying an instrument you’ve never played before, but then again I’m the sort of person who will make the most of whatever I’ve got, so I’m not sure it’ll make that much difference. I’d rather have my pick of a large range and get what I want from an online shop than have to settle for whatever the local shop happens to have that might be good enough. In fact, Music Warehouse doesn’t have that nice amp, and doesn’t appear to have anything equivalent either unless I pay a fortune, which I’m not really able to do right now. Spending ¬£330 is going to be painful enough as it is!

So watch this space, I may have a nice shiny new guitar in a couple of weeks’ time…

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Tim · 15 October 2007 at 8:26 pm

I have a Westfield Bowl Back Electro Acoustic it was stood in the flood water for a day, but I am assured it is serviceable. If you would like it feel free to take it away. Should give you more cash for the AMP. I’m going to concentrate on my Drumming again when I get the insurance money to replace my V-Drums.

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