You know, it’s a strange thing watching your wife go out to work while you’re still in your dressing gown. Ellie has a job working backstage at a theatre in Ipswich, and this week is the pre-production week where they set everything up, do sound checks and run-throughs and suchlike, so Ellie is working some very long hours. She left here at about 8:30am, and won’t finish work until about 10pm, after which she still has to get back to Wivenhoe, so it’ll be very late before she’s safely back here. And all the while I’m here alone in the house, working from home. I already miss her dreadfully.

Being alone in the house isn’t an altogether foreign experience, as I’ve worked from home for several years and I’m used to it. That said, since our marriage two and a half weeks ago I have got used to having my wife around all the time, and I’ve now got to get used to her not being here. Thankfully after this week things will settle down and there will be less for her to do at the theatre, so she won’t be working such long hours, so there’s a chance I might actually see her while I’m awake! I guess this is really just the price you pay for marrying someone in theatre – they work odd hours.

Other than that, marriage is suiting me quite nicely. In fact, I think we’ve both been quite surprised at how easily we’ve slipped into this new lifestyle together. The house is already fairly neat and tidy and organised, and although we still have several bits and pieces to get that people didn’t get us from our wedding list (things like a hoover), we’re really quite settled already. No doubt we’ll be having some sort of house warming party at some point, but until Ellie knows her shifts it’s hard to say when that will be.

So there we go, a little insight into life in the Dawkins household at the moment.

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Phill · 4 September 2007 at 11:26 am

Heh, Phil and I found the same thing after we got married – it was surprising how quickly you get used to it! That said, I reckon it probably takes a lot longer to actually get any good at being married, if you see what I mean. I’m still pretty useless really!

Anyway, hope that you don’t miss Ellie too much while she’s gone… hopefully it won’t be long that she’s doing really long hours! 🙂

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