After a brief pause, my internet connection is now back in full swing.  I had submitted a house move request Eclipse, who provide my connection, and they managed to make it all work just fine, and even kept to schedule!  Once again, hats off to Eclipse for a brilliant service.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, sadly, but that was more my fault than anyone else’s.  Having moved my whole office from my old house to the new on Wednesday, the intention was to connect to the net via a Linksys wireless router (which I bought by mistake a while ago thinking it was an all-in-one jobby, which it wasn’t) and a BT Voyager 210 broadband modem (bought cheap on eBay).  In theory that should have worked fine, but of course it’s technology and so there were inevitably problems…

The first step was getting the modem talking to the internet, and plugging things in didn’t present too much of a problem – you can’t really get it wrong.  I even managed to get into the admin panel for it to try to set it up, but was told that a connection could not be made.  After a lot of fiddling around, resetting, looking in help files, and generally scratching my head, I finally figured out that the phone socket I had plugged it into wasn’t live!  It’s an extension upstairs that plugs into the main BT wall socket downstairs, which turned out not to be plugged in.

So with that problem out of the way I went back to the modem admin panel to try connecting to Eclipse.  Then I hit another problem – the BT Voyager 210 was fixed into BT, and wouldn’t allow me to connect to any other provider.  Grrr.  I was left wondering if I would have to either buy yet another modem or reclaim the all-in-one box we had been using at the old house, which I was intending on leaving for the next residents.  In the end I borrowed the old box to connect to the internet from the new house temporarily, and found that I could upgrade the firmware in the Voyager so that it was unlocked.  That was a pretty straightforward process, and after just a few minutes I was connected to Eclipse via the BT modem.

The next step was getting the modem to provide the internet through the wireless router.  That took yet more puzzling, since both defaulted to reside at the same IP address, and in the process of trying to convince them that they could have different IP addresses the router lost all ability to do anything, which was a little worrying.  It got it working eventually though, though with the modem plugged into one of the standard ethernet ports on the modem rather than the dedicated ‘internet’ port.  I’m not sure what the difference is really, if there is one, but it wouldn’t work unless it was being used as a network device.  So now it’s working.  Not quite how each of the manufacturers suggested, but it’s working.

I’ve also set up my PC and Ellie’s laptop to access the internet via the wireless router, with suitable password protection in place to ensure random passers-by can’t steal our bandwidth.  So we’re all set up now, and in theory I can start working again now, though I suspect it’ll take a considerable amount of tidying before I can actually bring myself to do anything for any length of time – just looking around the study shows a flood littered with items that as yet haven’t been assigned a home, and the lounge downstairs is much the same…  Still, at least putting the effort in now means that when we both move into the house properly after the honeymoon everything will be pretty much sorted.

Incidentally, I’ve also been sorting out music for the reception, with the help of my friend and usher Phill.  So look forward to some quality cheese at the disco… yay!

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