Yes folks, it’s finally happened.  I’m married.


It’s been a week and a day, and it’s still only beginning to really sink in, I have to admit.  The wedding itself was wonderful – almost exactly what we had both planned, despite the rain.  The service went without a hitch, I got all my lines right, no one tripped over or ruined the atmosphere, and I smiled all the way through!  It wasn’t exactly a traditional wedding, we knew that from the start, but instead reflected our own individuality and randomness by the way we chose to do things throughout the day.  Ellie’s entrance music was something from ‘Fiddler on the roof’, which set the mood for the rest of the day really!

At the reception it became a little more obvious the changes we had made to the ‘normal’ way of doing things.  For a start, we decided to cut the cake almost as soon as we were all there, rather than later in the evening, as it then gave people more time to get the cake cut up, and freed up time later on for other things.  The order of seating on the top table was completely made-up too – we had looked at traditional diagrams of how it’s supposed to be done, but none of them really fitted our family structure, so we sorted it out ourselves.  In addition, and without meaning any offence, we ended up having most of our family up the other end of the hall, and friends from uni closest to the top table.  This wasn’t favouritism or anything like that, but more because there were certain people who we needed to keep an eye on!  Not mentioning any names, Andy C and Naomi… ahem…

Ian’s speech was fantastic, as I had expected, and pulled out all the stops as usual.  In fact, his presentation the whole day had been superb, organising people and generally making everything work like clockwork.  He did make one or two enlightening revelations about me, which in all honesty were mostly true, including highlighting the extent of my addiction to tea in my second year at uni.  Ellie and I did our speeches last (again, breaking with the tradition), but made things different by putting all the thanks’ in the form of poems!  It was quite an effort writing those beforehand, but it worked very well in the end, and I think it was appreciated too.

I wish we could have stayed longer for the disco afterwards, but we really were far too exhausted by that point.  There were some wonderful ‘Cheesy Tunes’ moments that will not go forgotten – Saturday Night, danced to by all the students present, plus a handful of other similarly contagious songs that people just had to get up and dance and sing along to!  It was so wonderful to see everyone there, family and friends alike, all enjoying themselves.  It just goes to show, an iPod plugged into a single speaker can produce a fairly decent disco, and no need for a DJ!

And for those who are interested, yes we did have a wonderful honeymoon.  We stayed in a lovely little cottage in a small country village on the Isle of Wight, and saw many of the touristy bits while we were there.  We did get a little sunshine too, which was nice, and Neddy managed the long round trip without a single complaint.  We’re back at our new home now, starting to settle in, finding homes for all our belongings and suchlike.  I’m sure once we’re properly settled we’ll be having a housewarming party, so I expect some of you may end up receiving an invitation at some point!

That’s all for now, lots of tidying and sorting still to do, and I’ve wasted enough time blogging already.

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Simon · 27 August 2007 at 12:15 am

Congratulations, Matthew! Best wishes to you and Ellie.

Phill · 28 August 2007 at 9:47 am

Yeah, what Simon said! 😀

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