Today has been very productive. Not only have I done some work, but I’ve also hired a van for moving furniture around next week, researched potential phone and internet providers, decided on a bedframe, been to a music practice, eaten stuff, and looked into getting a KVM switch. Most of that I expect you’ll all understand, but I thought I might take this opportunity to explain a little about what a KVM switch is and why I could do with one.

KVM is an abbreviation of “Keyboard, Video, Mouse”, and is a way of connecting multiple computers together with one set of input and output devices. The idea is that you plug your keyboard, mouse and monitor into the switch, connect both computers to the switch too, and by the flick of a button you can control either computer without having to move from your seat. In fact, you can have KVM switches that control any number of computers, which can be useful if you have a load of servers and you don’t want to have separate keyboards and monitors for each one. It’s essentially a space-saving device.

So why do I need one? Well at the moment I have my Mac which I use daily for both work and recreation, but I also have a PC for running a few games and testing web sites on Internet Explorer. I have a nice big desk, which makes me feel important, but a large part of it is taken up by the PC, with its hefty 17″ CRT monitor using valuable desk real-estate. With it in mind that I shall be moving house in the near future and will be relocating my entire office space, the thought crossed my mind that since I never need to have both PC and Mac on display side by side for comparison, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t use a KVM switch and have the PC go through my 19″ TFT instead. That would mean I could reclaim some of my desk and sell the monitor, which would easily cover the cost of a little KVM box.

Besides looking at potential hardware upgrades there have been a couple of other things that have been exciting me just recently. First off, my wedding is only just round the corner. No longer is it some far off concept that might happen one day. It’s next month! It’s a matter of weeks! That’s pretty scary, but exciting at the same time. Only this morning I found myself bobbing up and down on my chair in anticipation. I also get to drive a big van next week, which will be quite a change from my little Mini, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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Phill · 3 July 2007 at 9:35 am

KVM Switches are more expensive than you might think! I looked into it a while back, but it turned out they were rather expensive. And it’s not just the boxes, I think the cables themselves have quite a hefty price tag… but it’s definitely worth it 😀

Alex · 3 July 2007 at 9:56 am

With regards to phone provider – could I recommend VOIPfone – it’s what I’ve been using at Karen and Steve’s and is very good (plus has a great way of getting rid of sales calls!)

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