Today I decided to start sorting out some of my junk in preparation for moving house.  Over the past few years I have steadily acquired various odds and ends and failed to get rid of very much, and as a result I have a plethora of either obsolete or unnecessary possessions.  Now, it’s worth pointing out that I am not a compulsive hoarder, but at the same time I don’t like getting rid of things that I might potentially find useful at a later date.  However, with storage space at our new house being decidedly on the diminutive side, I decided that now would be an ideal opportunity to scale back on the excess baggage.  Here, then, is a list of what I’m getting rid of – if there is anything here that you think might sit happily on your desk or in your cupboard or whatever, let me know.

– Anti-glare screen for 15″ monitor, with hangers – £5
– Joystick, 2 buttons + throttle control, serial connection (not USB) – £8
– Psion 3 portable computer (1991), 128K RAM, hinge slightly broken, spreadsheet program on disk – £20
– Psion 3A portable computer (1993), 2MB RAM, immaculate condition, leather case, power transformer, connection to PC via serial cable, comes with manuals and programming guide, can provide software – £40
– Palm m125 PDA, leather case, spare styluses, cradle for sync with PC/Mac, software CD – £30
– Headphones, good quality but need new ear pads – £5
– Parallel printer cable – £1
– Portable CD player, blue, can’t remember if this works or not… – £1
– Microsoft Mouse, PS/2, a little old but very reliable (no scroll wheel though) – £5
– Packard Bell mini wireless USB mouse, with power transformer and USB cable for recharging, perfect for laptops – £10
– Praktica AP710 camera, with case – £10
– Braun electric shaver lead (not sure if I’ve still got the shaver, if I find it that will be for sale too) – £1
– Samsung phone car charger – £5
– Samsung hands free kit – £1
– 250W PSU, used but in fine working order – £10
– Headphones with mic boom – £5
– Earphones (unused) – £1
– 15″ monitor, Logix, max res 1024×768 – £40
– 17″ monitor, Vivitron17, max res 1024×768 – £50
– Telephone, translucent purple, wall mountable – £10
– Toaster, BRG, cool wall – £5
– 12V heated ice scraper, plugs into cig lighter in car – £5
– Venturer CD6306 micro hifi system, tape, AM/FM radio (20 presets), CD (a little temperamental, prob needs cleaning), remote control – £20
– Poker bass amp, not working (dodgy earth connection, prob can be fixed), 60W – £40
– TFPro P3 professional vocal/instrumental pre amp, 3-band phase active equaliser, optical compressor, used but in original packaging, originally £160, offers in region of £80

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Simon · 4 July 2007 at 12:23 am

I’m interested in taking the Psions off your hands, but looking at eBay, they seem rather overpriced!

Matthew · 4 July 2007 at 9:12 am

Really? That’s a shame. The Series 3 does have a broken hinge, but the 3A is pretty much mint. I know it’s old technology but from a historical point of view the Psion was revolutionary – one of the first portable computers with a full qwerty keyboard. Still, send me an offer via e-mail and I’ll see if we can come to an agreement!

Simon · 4 July 2007 at 9:23 am

Still, in my mind, the best PDA ever produced. I loved my Series 3; I had an infra-red modem that plugged into my phone, and could check my email with it in 1997ish – long before the Blackberry! I also wrote most of my book on my trusty Psion!

I replaced it with a Series 5 which has not been bettered. I still use it periodically!

Phill · 5 July 2007 at 4:57 pm

Actually there was an interesting feature on the Psion on the Register the other week:

I think it was ten years ago that the Psion series 5 was released!

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