Front of houseYes, that was the song running through my head most of today. Well, sort of – I had that line of the chorus on loop, which got rather annoying after a while. The cause? Ellie and I took possession of our new house this morning! It’s rented, so no scary mortgage to worry about, but it’s still pretty exciting! It came unfurnished, so we’ve got to buy lots of stuff to fill it with, but we made a start today by getting a sofa, armchair, bedframe and mattress! Obviously there’s plenty more that we’ll need, but we’ve got plenty of time between now and when we actually move into the house to get everything sorted out.

So, allow me to take you on a quick guided tour of the house. As you enter through the porch you come into the lounge, which is empty. The flooring is all wood laminate, which is very nice, but the feature of the room is definitely the Spiral staircasespiral staircase! Yes, we have a huge spiral staircase in the corner of our lounge – how cool is that!! Very dramatic.

The kitchen comes with white goods, which is very useful, and there are plenty of cupboards for us to keep everything in. The back door then leads to the garden, which incorporates a large decking area (we’re calling it the stage), and a garden path leading to a good sized shed by the back gate. So plenty of room there for BBQs, garden parties, and outdoor concerts and drama productions.Rear of house

Up the spiral staircase and we find ourselves on the landing, leading off to the master bedroom (which is empty), the second bedroom / study (which is also empty), and the bathroom (which thankfully is not empty). The bedrooms are a little on the small size, but there should be enough room in the master bedroom to fit a double bed; we’ve measured every room thoroughly so we can play around with furniture layouts beforehand if necessary, just to make sure everything is going to fit.

In addition to all that we also have a garage, with lots of overhead storage in the eves and plenty of room for a Mini and various Mini-related odds and ends.

All very exciting! Just got to make sure we can afford it all now…

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Phill · 8 June 2007 at 8:38 am

Congrats Matthew – it looks like a lovely house! I’m sure you and Ellie will be very happy there when the time comes for you to move in 🙂

Speaking of furniture, we have an old armchair we don’t need anymore, if you would like it you can have it (you might want to come over and look at it first though!).

Dad · 8 June 2007 at 10:10 am

Well done, my boy! What does it feel like to be a householder? August 18 – bring it on!

Matthew · 8 June 2007 at 3:47 pm

Thanks for the offer of an armchair Phill, but I’m not sure we’d have room for another one! We’ll see how it looks once it all arrives though and let you know.

I’ve also just uploaded some pics to PhotoLounge Extra if you wanna take a peek inside.

Dad – yep, it’s so much fun!! We’re still renting, so we still haven’t got the immense scariness of a mortgage, but it does feel very grown up to be getting our first house together and filling it with all our stuff! Yay! 🙂

Joe B · 10 June 2007 at 11:28 pm

Looks very nice – you have done well Mr Matthew! I hope you and Ellie will have much fun and a number of happy years of marriage while you live there (that is, allowing for the possibility that you might not always live there, rather than that you might not always be happily married … which is not what I was implying. Of course I hope and wish you a life long happy marriage for as long as you live – wherever that may be … ) Ahem …

I really must get down to Colchester and visit people!!!

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