I had an idea for a poem a week or so ago, and this morning I finally got round to writing it down.  I’m not normally the type to write poetry, but every now and then the inspiration hits me and I just have to start typing.  See what you think…

I can see you
staring back at me
we are so alike, you and I
like two peas in a pod.
I watch you comb your hair
but though you look at me
yet you never see me
in vanity or ignorance
you see only yourself
I am nothing to you.
All day I wait for you to return
longing to gaze upon your face once more
forever waiting.
I wander aimlessly
without form or function
without purpose
just wandering
I am always here
I envy you sometimes
you and your friends
so full of life and energy
I have no friends here
no one to talk to
nothing to fill my time with
but waiting.
When you do return
Oh happy day!
With joy I await the moment you appear
to look on me again
but today you have tears in your eyes
and as you look at me
I too well up with grief.
You tell me everything
every last detail
and I patiently listen
all I can do is listen
though I open my mouth
not a word is heard
no comfort can I offer
I am helpless
as though separated by a void
an inescapable vastness
you look deep into my eyes
and I into yours
but you never see me
you only see your reflection.
My fate
my purpose.
I can see you.

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Ellie · 4 July 2007 at 1:16 pm

Ahh that’s really sweet and kinda creepy at the same time. I like it!

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