Well, after many hours spent slaving over potential designs, I’ve finally decided to stick with my present blog theme after all.  I wanted something different, something snazzy, but in the end I was just so devoid of inspiration that anything I came up with didn’t have the pazazz or sparkle that I wanted.  I did come up with a nice design that used transparent backgrounds and condensed headings, but it didn’t grab me as much as I had intended, so I discarded it.  However, not to be completely defeated, I’ve fiddled with this design slightly, and will be approaching blogging slightly differently as a result – instead of fitting each post into one of four categories I’ll be assigning tags to each post, which means I can more easily talk about a wider variety of things without filling up the “Miscellaneous” category too much!  If any of you have any other requests for features, do let me know!

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Phill · 23 June 2007 at 6:42 pm

One thing you could do is increase the default font size. I found your ‘Science is Wrong’ post difficult to read without upping the font size on Firefox!

Also, your comment box is really quite small, not a big thing (literally!) but you could perhaps re-work the page to give a bit more space?

I really like your top navigation bar. Really cool! Can you do one for me like that? In fact, can you just re-design my website? :p I did a new design for the Fordham website a couple of days ago. Not sure whether it’s much of an improvement, but still.

By the way, how are you implementing tagging? – is it a standard feature of WordPress, or is it an extension? I’d like to do the same thing on my blog 🙂

Matthew · 23 June 2007 at 7:02 pm

Tagging is indeed built in, but only in so much as it’s actually called categories! When you’re writing posts you can select multiple categories to put the post in, and add new categories there and then, so I’m just using the built-in category system and calling it something different.

Thanks for your other comments Phill, font size noted. Web design isn’t easy, especially since everyone sees the site differently depending on their computer setup… nothing is certain!

Phill · 24 June 2007 at 9:05 am

Yes, web design is certainly not easy… but you do it well nonetheless 🙂

The new font size looks a bit more readable for me, thanks 🙂

Matthew · 24 June 2007 at 5:17 pm

Just added some cool little icons in the sidebar! They don’t really provide any extra functionality, they just look nice. Still, adds a bit of professionalism I think, a finishing touch.

Also been going through updating the tags on some of my older posts – because I’d only previously been using 4 categories there was a lot of stuff in Miscellaneous, so I’m gonna go through and recategorise everything to make it a little more cohesive…

Phill · 25 June 2007 at 9:26 pm

Ah, I see you’ve discovered the famfamfam icons as well! 😀

I use them every time I need icons, which is probably too much!

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