On Sunday afternoon I was a mobile recording studio, recording the drum parts for the Rooted album I’ve been working on.  This evening I was a photographer, taking photos of a dance / movement performance for one of Ellie’s friends.  It was a challenge, simply because there was so much movement – no one stayed still for very long, there was no script to work from, no guarantee of where anyone would be at any given time, and the lighting was very unusual.  But it was a fantastic experience, and once I got into it I just couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Not all of them came out, some were just blurs (some can be passed off as ‘artistic’, others no so), some of them just weren’t lit well enough, others were a little vague on the composition.  That said, there were some amazing photos in there too, capturing the moment and feel of the scene.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to put them on my main PhotoLounge site, because I currently don’t have permission from the director, but we’ll see.

I also took the opportunity to take some pictures of Neddy in the setting sun, and got some very nice results – a mixture of the natural light and the artificial lights of the car park.  Thankfully there weren’t many people around, so I could position myself pretty much anywhere I liked, and got some interesting angles!  I’ve put some of the better ones up on my PhotoLounge, so do check those out if you’re interested.

It is so nice to be using my camera properly like this – it makes it all the more worthwhile buying it in the first place!

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