After reading this post by Phill, last night I started reading my way (in reverse order) through the comic strips on XKCD.  Absolutely hilarious!!  Ok, I didn’t understand every single one of them – some were a little abstract, some were referencing technical geeky things that even I don’t know about, but the vast majority were brilliant!  I found myself hooked, unable to tear myself away from the seemingly endless supply of these nuggets of humour.  So I read them all, every single one, all 260 of them.  That’s really sad.

On the up-side, it did prompt me to dig out some of my doodlings from previous years, odd little sketches I’ve done in moments of boredom, lectures that could have been a lot more interesting, classes that just weren’t inspiring.  Here, then, is my contribution, in tribute to the legend that is Randall Munroe.

A binary garden

A binary garden

That was an idea Phill and I came up with during a lecture on binary tree structures, with the Binary Bush and the Binary Grass making up the bulk of that lecture’s notes.  Thanks Phill, Computer Science was a lot easier to cope with thanks to those intermissions of randomness.

As a follow-up, here is a little cartoon strip I’ve just done, taking material from a conversation I had with a friend recently, resurrecting some little characters I played with at primary school.



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Phill · 12 May 2007 at 2:04 pm

Glad you liked XKCD! I only discovered it recently, but it’s brilliant.

I like your cartoons – the binary garden one brings back a few memories! 😀

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