Following the discovery of a shot brake cylinder on Neddy’s driver side rear wheel, Andy from Colchester Mini Club came round this morning to help me fit a new one.  I had ordered a replacement cylinder from Mini Spares, which still hasn’t arrived (they’re normally very good, must be having an off week), but Andy brought a spare he had lying around, for which I’ll refund him when mine arrives.  Removing the old cylinder wasn’t too difficult, but that didn’t mean we didn’t struggle with other things – the thread had gone on the brake hose, which meant that we couldn’t get the new pipe on, and it turns out that the brake shoes I had in the garage aren’t for a Mini after all but for a car with significantly bigger wheels.

So it looks like I shall be putting another order in for some more parts.  I’ll need some new brake shoes and a new brake hose (the hose itself doesn’t need replacing, but the attachment on the end is an integral part of it so we’ll just have to replace the whole thing).  Still, Mini parts aren’t all that expensive, and since I’m fortunate enough to have friends who know what they’re doing, I won’t have to fork out for expensive garage labour costs!

I was also pleased to hear from Andy that the underneath of my car looks good.  The subframe is in good condition, there’s no significant rust to speak of on the floor pan, and generally things look clean and tidy.  That’s good to know – one of my biggest problems when it comes to car maintenance is knowing whether or not something needs replacing or not, and knowing the difference between corrosion and dried-on mud!  So many thanks to Andy for putting my mind at ease.

I’ll put another update up here once the brakes are sorted.  In the meantime Neddy will continue to be off the road, so I’ll have to find alternative transport for another week.  Good thing I work from home!

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Phill · 14 April 2007 at 7:35 pm

Good thing I work from home!

Hey – since when you have done any work? 😉

Glad to hear that things are getting sorted with your mini. It is a pain when your car is out of action, more so when you work 16 miles away from where you live, but you don’t realise how much you use a car until you don’t have it anymore!

Hope it gets sorted soon 🙂

Matthew · 17 April 2007 at 11:23 am

Yes Phill, contrary to appearances, I do actually work. Occasionally.

I’ve just ordered some more bits for Neddy actually. I needed a new brake hose, but I opted to replace the hose and pipe with a nice braided hose, which is basically more hard-wearing, gives a better feel and looks a little more professional too. Going to do both sides since both rear wheels are off at the mo. Oh, and got some new brake shoes as well while I was at it.

Need to get it sorted asap really, as I need the car to be in tip top condition for going to Cornwall in May!

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