Braided rear brake hose fittedAfter a morning of being stuck in front of a computer screen (again), I spent this afternoon being very productive indeed.  I started on some cleaning around the house, and then my friend Andy came round to help me with the brakes on my Mini, which we’d not been able to finish the previous weekend.  The initial problem was a leaking brake cylinder, but in the process of fitting the new one we discovered that the thread had gone on part of the pipework, so I went off and order yet more bits and pieces.  This week it all arrived – braided brake hoses for the rear brakes, another brake cylinder and a set of brake shoes.

In theory I didn’t really need braided rear hoses, it was just one short bit of rubber piping that was necessary, but I figured I’d take the opportunity to upgrade the system while I was at it.  The new braided hose is wrapped in stainless steel, making it crush-resistant, rust-resistant, gives it a more positive feel (no expansion of rubber when braking heavily), and looks a bit nicer too.  They replace both the rubber hose and the metal pipe connecting to the brake cylinder, so with new brake cylinders and brake shoes all round as well it means I shouldn’t need to have to worry about the rear brakes for quite some time now!

Remarkably, after our initial set-back last attempt, everything seemed to go fairly well today.  There were no sheared bolts or stripped threads, nothing else broke, nothing else needing replacing, and Neddy now brakes nicely – I can actually feel that the rear wheels are doing some of the braking now!

Door handle escutcheonsI’ve also taken a picture of the chrome door handle escutcheons I fitted last weekend.  In theory they are supposed to protect the door from being scrated by keys or sharp fingernails, but in reality they’re mostly just for aesthetics.  I did have to take all the bits of the door off to get them on, but it was a pretty painless operation and they set off the door handles nicely, adding a bit more sparkle.  All Neddy needs now is a jolly good clean and polish so he’ll be ready for the Riviera Run.  Incidentally, I now have a nice long list of parts to look out for at the show, including hi-lows, adjustable tie bars, geometry set for adjusting camber and caster angles on all the wheels, ‘Green Stuff’ brake pads for the front, braided hoses for the front brakes, and for the interior I’ll be looking for a red gear knob, red/alloy pedals, and whatever else catches my eye!  Looks like it’s going to be an expensive month…

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