Chocolate cake“Knock, knock, knock”

I opened the front door to find a young man carrying two large cardboard boxes, both taped up with colourful blue sticky tape with printed on it. Well that’s a nice surprise, I thought to myself, someone has sent me a birthday present. I took the packages, signed for them on the young man’s handheld computer, and deposited the boxes in the lounge before going into town for a meeting.

Upon my return I opened both packages, only to discover that what was inside was not quite what one would expect.

One package contained a clock disguised as a set of books, which was a cool present from my little brother, Peter. The other was a chocolate cake. A chocolate cake? Who would send me a chocolate cake in the post?  To add to the mystery, the packaging itself was truly monumental – the outer box was 37cm square and a good 17cm tall, inside which was another box in stripy wrapping paper, measuring slightly smaller (29cm square), and inside that was the cake, tucked away in a corner, hiding in packing material. Cake in boxesThe cake tin itself was a mere 10cm across, hardly the sort of dimensions that would require such a large set of boxes.

The answer to all this came when I inspected the documentation that came with the parcel, which showed who had sent it and to whom it was sent to, neither of whom I recognised. It would appear that I had been sent the cake in error, because I have no knowledge of a Maria Hartnell, my last name is not Hardy, and I don’t live in Staines. It would appear, therefore, that I have received a bonus present this year in the form of a lovely chocolate cake.

Pictured above is the cake in its boxes, with packaging removed to show more clearly the differences in size.

I have e-mailed to enquire whether or not I am allowed to keep the cake.

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Phill · 19 March 2007 at 6:05 pm

How strange! Ah well, hopefully you’ll get to keep the cake, bonus chocolate cake is always good 😀

Joe B · 20 March 2007 at 11:16 pm

Mistaken mystery cake!!! How splendid … How’s the band going? I’m trying to get a band going with people from church and I was trying to think of a suitable name on a theme vaguely related to our church name – “The Plant” … And all I could think of was Rooted! But I didn’t think you’d appreciate such blatant plagiarism, so back to the drawing board!

How’s the song writing going? Working on anything particularly exciting at the moment? Myself and a friend have been working on a guitarry upbeat tune for “And can it be” … I’m hoping to have it finished and maybe even recorded soon!

Matthew · 29 March 2007 at 11:37 pm

A quick update – Ellie and I tried the cake the other day to find that there was something rather alcoholic in it! The cherries particularly had been quite thoroughly soaked, and since neither of us drink it sadly rendered the whole cake inedible. Such a shame.

Great to hear from you Joe, has been a long time! Song writing is still going well, not writing in huge quantity, but I’m working on a recording of a song at the moment in which I’ll be playing all the instruments, just for a laugh! So far I’ve done a couple of guitar tracks, bass and a couple of vocal lines, I shall probably redo them all once I’ve settled on an arrangement, and I still have to add keyboard and drum kit – that should be the fun one!! Glad to hear you’re still playing and composing too, let me know when you have a recording I can listen to… 😉

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