MiniGalleryVersion 0.5 BETA of my MiniGallery script is now available to download from This latest release brings in stand-alone themes and a much-improved method of integrating the script into your web pages. There are also some bug-fixes, such as solving the problem of the gallery not showing at all in Safari. The bundled theme, DarkSatin, has been tweaked slightly to cater for the new release, and a new theme, TwoBlue, is also now available to download from the MiniGallery site.

Themes. Due to the revolutionary approach of MiniGallery, you can have your images displayed literally any way you like. You can devote the whole page to MiniGallery, or just give it a small corner, depending on which theme you use. Theme initialisation files now give complete control over to each theme as to how many images are displayed on each page, how much information is displayed about each photo, and of course there are plenty of CSS handles for you to use to control the appearance as you see fit. You can either download themes directly from the MiniGallery site or create your own to match the style of your web site.

Integration. The great thing about MiniGallery 0.5B is that it only requires three lines of PHP to get it working! Details are in the How To section of the MiniGallery site, but it basically means less work for you to do, yet giving you complete control at the same time.

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