This week has been exceptionally busy, helping out at the kids’ holiday club at church. This year we were doing a pirate-themed week, with material from a pack called “Landlubbers”. It’s been a lot of fun, though quite tiring, especially given my normal week usually involves me sitting at a computer all day – quite different to the running around and being active and everything that’s involved in looking after a group of kids for a morning! I know a morning on its own isn’t much, especially if you have to look after kids 24-7, but it was still quite a challenge and most of us who have been involved have ended up shattered by lunchtime!

My involvement is three-fold: I’m a helper in a group, I’m in the band playing guitar (combination of rhythm and electric), and I’m also playing the part of Miserable Roger in the sketches. Roger is miserable, hence the name, and every day moans about whatever is going on, whether it be the fact that they’re stranded on the island, there’s no escaping from the Navy, they’ll never win the cannonball relay race, there’s no treasure in the chest, or any other part of the story that doesn’t appeal to him. It’s quite a fun part to play, and I’ve really enjoyed it! The kids seem to have enjoyed it too, which is the important thing.

Unfortunately my involvement has meant I’ve been unable to take any photos this year, but plenty of other people there had their cameras so there should be some photos up on the church web site before too long.

Of course, one upshot of all this is that the level of work I’ve been able to get done has significantly reduced. Despite working long hours for Chelmsford earlier in the week, I’ve still got a rather full e-mail inbox and plenty to be catching up with next week. To add to that I’ve been busy composing music for Ellie’s play, which is only a couple of weeks away – thankfully I managed to put the finishing touches to the music today, so it’s all ready for the rehearsal this Sunday evening. There’s no chance of me getting the Rooted album finished by the end of February now, but hopefully when things have calmed down a bit I’ll be able to get started on that again.

Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like being busy!

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