This weekend Rooted played our first public concert at Orchard Baptist Church.  It involved a lot of preparation, both during the week before and especially on the day – although the concert didn’t start until 7:30pm I was there setting up from about 4pm!  We had a reasonably good turnout, considering how short-notice it all was, there was a good relaxed atmosphere, and the band played really well.

We played two sets, both exhibiting a range of different styles, showing our proficiency at both song-writing and performance, and I think that was appreciated by the audience – pretty much everyone I spoke to afterwards had a different favourite song!  The first half started off lively and rocky and sloped down to a more reflective finish to go into the interval, the second half started off light and built up to a climax at the end.  For the record, these are the songs we played that night:

  • Father God you reign on high
  • O Lord my God
  • In the beginning
  • Before the rising of the sun
  • God will always be there
  • I draw near
  • The earth is the Lord’s
  • In the secret
  • I will worship
  • Stranger than fiction
  • Love so amazing
  • King of heaven
  • Let us fill this place

Rachel did a short talk for us after the interval, explaining what she was going to be getting up to on her mission to Argentina, to which all the money raised that evening was going to.  In all we raised £135, which was very much appreciated!

For me it was just so fantastic to hear the sound we were producing – the band has come on a long way since we first got together.  Saturday night we were all playing so well, I was so proud of them all!  So well done to everyone in the band, you were all amazing!  We had photos taken throughout the evening, and we had a video camera at the back of the church recording everything too, so I may put a few snippets up on the web at some point to share some of the experience with you all.

Having the instruments on the stage seemed to work really well, so well in fact that Paul and Berkeley decided they wanted the intstruments on the stage for Sunday services as well.  It actually worked very well on Sunday, the drums sound much clearer on the stage as opposed to stuck in the corner.  We’ll have to make sure we get the foldback sorted so that everyone on stage can hear everything, but we had foldback for the concert so in theory we should be able to have it for Sunday services as well, we just need to get our PA operators trained up so they know which knobs to fiddle with!

My family also came up to visit over the weekend, which was wonderful.  They’ve not been up to visit in years, so it was nice for them to see my house, visit my church, and spend some time with me in Colchester.  We all went out for lunch on the Sunday afternoon to The Playhouse in town, which Christopher really loved – it’s all set out like a theatre, so he felt right at home!  It was also great to be reminded of just how mad my family can be when we’re all together – lunch was hilarious!  I love my family, they’re fantastic!

Ah well, back to the grindstone now I guess.  I’ll try and get some photos and stuff of the concert up in due course, maybe a video clip too, and I suppose I ought to do something with the Rooted web site at some point…

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Joe B · 25 January 2007 at 8:45 pm

Hi Matthew,

Sounds like you had a great time – I only wish I could have been there – maybe next time you do a concert I’ll try and get down and visit people then and come along … Just to let you know I have a new blog. You can find it at … Look forward to hearing more about how you and Rooted are getting on!

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