Several days have now passed since I got back to Wivenhoe, and I’ve done precious little with my time, so it would seem. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate, I have been rather busy, just not necessarily with some of the things I ought to have been doing. My suitcase is still in my bedroom waiting to be unpacked, there is a basket full of clean clothes waiting to be dealt with, and plenty of mess around the house that still needs my attention. But, as the saying goes, procrastination can only be fully enjoyed when you have plenty of work to do.

Thursday and Friday I spent working on the Chelmsford Diocese web site, catching up on loads of things that needed doing from the Christmas period. It was mostly just tidying up, tweaking, updating, that sort of thing, but it took a lot of time and effort to get through.

Saturday afternoon I braved the rain and drove to Ipswich to meet Ian, who is my best man. We wandered round town, looking in various shops, gathering ideas for what I am going to wear for my wedding. It was interesting seeing just how much variation there is – compared to the normal range of clothing available for men, formal wear is a lot more varied than I realised! I came away with a bag full of brochures from several shops, detailing what I could hire from them, and even bought myself a nice pair of smart shoes.

Sunday I was ill. Nothing too serious, just a combination of a cold and over-tiredness I think. It meant I was struggling to stay focussed all through the morning service, and was shivering and shaking all morning too. Thankfully my piano playing wasn’t affected – my ability on the piano is solely God’s doing, so I can take no responsibility for it, which meant that I turned off and God turned on! I’m just so thankful that God allowed me to worship and lead others musically despite it all.

Yesterday evening I started on another project. Bad move, I know, what with everything else I have to do. After a much-needed snooze in the afternoon I awoke with an idea for a circular apartment design, and felt compelled to build and design it in Blender, a 3D design program. 3D apartment kitchenI still have a fair way to go, and the lighting still isn’t perfect, but I’ve got the lounge, dining room and kitchen pretty much sorted now. I’ve attached a preview so you can see the general idea. What you probably won’t be able to tell from this picture is the detail on the taps, the transparent glass in the cooker doors, the ceiling lights, and of course you can’t see the lounge at all. The dining room table is glass topped with white chairs, the lounge has a comfy-looking red sofa and a glass-topped coffee table in front, and there’s even a flat screen TV in the corner! Hopefully when it’s all done (two bedrooms and a bathroom) I’ll render some shots from different views and give you a guided tour of the apartment, should be good when it’s done…

Lounge from 3D apartment EDIT: Here’s another picture for you to look at, this time of the lounge area.  It’s all open-plan so this view is taken from standing next to the dining room table.  And just so you’re all satisfied that I am indeed doing something productive today, this scene was rendered in the background while I did other things!  Also worth pointing out is that the view visible through the window is an image done by someone else – I didn’t sit down and design my very own cityscape specially for this design, I’m not that bored!  Unfortunately you can see where it wraps round, but it’s good enough for my purposes at the moment.


Phill · 8 January 2007 at 6:22 pm

That looks quite impressive, Matthew. I think 3D modelling work is really interesting, I might have to download it and give it a go 🙂 Like you, I don’t already have enough distractions from the things I’m supposed to do 😀

Matthew · 8 January 2007 at 9:40 pm

I’ve now created a gallery on my PhotoLounge so you can see my progress with this project. Just added a couple of scenes, one showing off some night time lighting, and another from outside looking into the kitchen. I’ll be creating one of the bedrooms next, so stay tuned…

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