Gay rights and the church

I’ve just watched a news article about the “end of the battle” between state and church over the issue of adoption centres allowing gay couples to adopt.  Now, I’m not normally one to rant about political issues, indeed I generally avoid anything political, but I’m afraid I just couldn’t resist this time, something had to be said, even if only so that I could get it off my chest.  I must point out right at the beginning, however, that I don’t purport to know all the details, nor do I stand on any experience or authority in what I write here, this is simply me writing my mind.  Feel free to read, comment, or ignore at your discretion.

Snow joke

This morning I was delighted to find that everything outside my window was covered in a thin sheet of whiteness.  Yay!  In fact, so great was my excitement that I gave in to the temptation and went for a drive, just so that I could experience the thrill of sliding around on a snowy road.  Unfortunately the snow wasn’t quite that deep.  In fact, it all proved a little disappointing in the end.  It would seem that the snow was only really nicely settled in my little cul-de-sac, so as soon as I got out onto the other roads it was just like normal driving.  And by the time I got back the snow was melting from my road too.  Ah well, I’ll just have to bide my time… the snow will be back another time I’m sure.

Rooted on stage

This weekend Rooted played our first public concert at Orchard Baptist Church.  It involved a lot of preparation, both during the week before and especially on the day – although the concert didn’t start until 7:30pm I was there setting up from about 4pm!  We had a reasonably good turnout, considering how short-notice it all was, there was a good relaxed atmosphere, and the band played really well.

The end of the old

Today I finished the Old Testament.  I’ve been methodically working my way through the Bible in chronological order, following the readings from  It’s been a fascinating journey, learning about what happened in those days, and in what order, and getting a more detailed overview of the history in the Bible.  Before I started reading it I just assumed that I knew almost everything, and that those bits that I’d not read in the Old Testament were the boring irrelevant bits – I was wrong on both counts!

Out of the shade and into the shadows

Following a recent rethink about my default web browser, I’ve been enjoying the speed and feel of Safari again.  Firefox 2 may well be almost infinitely extensible, but it’s not designed specifically for the Mac, and that makes it work like cold porridge sometimes.  The interface is far from native, the widgets it uses on web pages are unconvincing, and it’s rather sluggish.  Safari on the other hand flies along nicely, and while still not coping at all with some odd bits and pieces that make the vast majority of web-based text editors work (like FCKEditor for instance, or the one used in WordPress), it does have some redeeming qualities in some of the added extras it’s bundled in.

Rooted live

Saturday 20th January, 7:30pm, Orchard Baptist Church

Charity concert raising money for a mission to Argentina

Rooted are a contemporary Christian band based at Orchard Baptist Church, headed up by myself, playing a mix of loud rocky songs and more reflective ones too.  Most of the songs we’ll be playing at the concert will be original compositions, with a couple of well-known Christian songs thrown in for good measure (though not necessarily played the way you’ve heard them before…).

Go tell it on the Voice-Over-Internet Protocol

In the beginning, we vacuumed.  Then, we hoovered.  Once upon a time, we searched.  Now, we google.  At present, we phone.  In the not too distant future, we will… skype?

Following the purchase of some Skype phones for various family members this Christmas I have been very impressed by the quality and value for money this telephone-alternative provides.  The implementation is stunning, and the Skype system makes it so simple that even the technologically inept can master it.

Take a mouthful of Apple

I’ve just been watching part of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech that he delivered yesterday, focusing the latest innovation Apple is releasing on the world soon. The iPhone is truly awesome in every respect, it is simply amazing in design, craftmanship, functionality and concept. We’ve seen smartphones before in various guises, some looking like phones trying to be computers, others looking like computers trying to be phones, neither of which really did the job as well as we might have liked. Seeing the iPhone in action show just how this 21st Century mobile phone experience should be – seamless and beautiful.

Distractions of the three-dimensional kind

Several days have now passed since I got back to Wivenhoe, and I’ve done precious little with my time, so it would seem. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate, I have been rather busy, just not necessarily with some of the things I ought to have been doing. My suitcase is still in my bedroom waiting to be unpacked, there is a basket full of clean clothes waiting to be dealt with, and plenty of mess around the house that still needs my attention. But, as the saying goes, procrastination can only be fully enjoyed when you have plenty of work to do.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year (belated)

I am now back in Wivenhoe after my annual cross-country trek to visit various family members and suchlike over the Christmas and New Year period, clocking up a hefty 840 miles in my trusty Mini.  I warn you now, the following is a pretty lengthy run-down of what I’ve been up to, so unless you have a good half an hour to spare or you’re a very fast reader, you may not want to read it all!