1993 Mini CooperI was browsing the Mini aisles on eBay last night and stumbled across a 1993 Mini Cooper for sale. What really caught my eye was the wheel arches it had fitted. I can normally recognise wheel arches without too much difficulty, as there aren’t a huge number of variations (if you know what you’re look at). But this was something new, something that looked like a cross between Sportspack arches and Wood&Picket arches. So I did some searching on the most popular Mini parts web sites, and couldn’t find anything that was even slightly the same. In the end I had to ask the folks on The Mini Forum to help me out!

It turns out I was nearly right with the W&P classification. They’re not original W&P arches, and they’re not the usual copies either. They’re called Wood&Picket deluxe style arches, and fit to the car in the same way as normal W&P arches (from the inside, no screw holes visible from the outside) but have a rounded top rather than a straight one. By the looks of it, they’re also a little bit wider, but not as wide as the Sportspack arches, which is exactly what I’m after.

Having put my gorgeous 12×5.5 Revolution RFX wheels on a while back, I’ve been meaning to replace the arches as well, because the wheels stick out a bit further than the standard arches, which is technically illegal. It also means that when driving in the rain I get water splashed up onto the side of the car. I don’t want Sportspack arches, because everyone and his dog has those, and Group 2s don’t fit the style of my car. These W&P deluxe arches are fairly reasonably priced too, at about £45 for the set from Midland Wheels Supplies, though obviously they’d need fitting and painting as well. I might have to see what my bank balance is looking like after Christmas and see if Neddy can have a belated Christmas present…

In other news, I managed to submit my tax return form this morning, and if I’ve entered everything correctly then I should be due a fairly sizeable refund, which would be nice. Most of that would probably go straight into the wedding kitty, but I may well siphon some of it off for Neddy, so the wheel arches may come even sooner!

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