Today I discovered another of Logic Express‘s plugins – Enhance Pitch.  Does exactly what it says on the tin actually, it tunes stuff.  I played around with it on a couple of the recordings I’ve been doing for the Rooted album, and it’s soooooo good!!  With just a couple of clicks, all those minute intonation mistakes are rectified, and you’re left with a near-perfect set of vocals!  I know it’s kinda cheating, but to a certain extent it’s only fine tuning, so you still have to be more or less on the right note for it to work.  That said, the result is pretty staggering, it sounds far more professional and clean once you’ve applied it.  Very impressive.

I also rehearsed my sermon, in readiness for this Sunday when I’m preaching at the Anglican Chaplaincy at the University of Essex.  I’ve not preached in quite a while, so I’m hoping it’ll all go smoothly – I’ll be relying heavily on God to get me through it (which is actually the way it’s supposed to be anyway…).  The sermon should be a good 40 minutes long, and is packed with stuff; I reckon there’s enough material there for at least three sermons, if only I had time to do them!

Actually this has been quite a hard decision to make, to preach at the Chaplaincy.  Thing is, a while back I had the opportunity of preaching more regularly at Orchard Baptist Church, but I felt God pulling me back from that, that preaching wasn’t what God wanted from me at that time.  That was quite hard to accept, but eventually I got used to the idea that God didn’t need me preaching any more.  Then all of a sudden I was being asked to preach at the Chaplaincy, and God seemed to be pushing me towards it rather than closing the door.  So now I’m wondering if it’s just at Orchard that God doesn’t want me preaching.  I suppose Orchard has several good preachers already, and the Chaplaincy is significantly lower in numbers, so maybe it’s just a case of supply and demand.  Either way, it’s been quite confusing lately trying to work out just what it is God wants from me.

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