Hot or not? designOkay folks, here's your chance to affect the redesign of my business web site!  I've been working on a possible design choice for the web site, which is in need of a bit of TLC.  I would really appreciate your comments on this design, so please do let me know what you think of it, positive or negative.(more…)

By Matthew, ago

Searching for perfection

1993 Mini CooperI was browsing the Mini aisles on eBay last night and stumbled across a 1993 Mini Cooper for sale. What really caught my eye was the wheel arches it had fitted. I can normally recognise wheel arches without too much difficulty, as there aren't a huge number of variations (if you know what you're look at). But this was something new, something that looked like a cross between Sportspack arches and Wood&Picket arches. So I did some searching on the most popular Mini parts web sites, and couldn't find anything that was even slightly the same. In the end I had to ask the folks on The Mini Forum to help me out!(more…)

By Matthew, ago