Today I’m going off to Eastbourne for a few days to attend the Mission:Worship conference.  My church is sending three of us, all expensese paid, which is rather exciting!  It’ll be a good mix of teaching, seminars, celebrations, worshipping, socialising, and generall soaking in all that God gives us over the weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it – I was so fired up coming back from the WorshipCentral conference a few weeks back, a whole weekend of it should have me bouncing off the walls!

Also in attendance will be the likes of Stuart Townend, Brenton Brown, Paul Oakley, Chris Bowater, Geraldine Latty, Lou Fellingham, and many others.  Not that I’m going to meet famous people, I’m sure they wouldn’t call themselves famous anyway, just well-known in particular circles!  But from the list of names they’ve got involved in this conference it sounds like there will be some really good quality teaching and worship going on, which I’m really looking forward to.  The greatest thing I’ve found about these so-called famous worship leaders is that they’re actually very down-to-earth normal people – not egotistic or holier-than-thou – which is an extra encouragement for me, that I’m not excluded from being an effective worship leader just because I’m not known worldwide.

My blog will be rather quiet for the next couple of days, but expect a full report upon my return!

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American Auntie Jane · 4 November 2006 at 3:32 pm


I’d like to recommend a worship resource to you if I may. One of the Pastors from our sister church in Maryland is also well known for writing christian worship music and leading Worship conferences. His name is Bob Kaufflin and I would really recommend his blog ( ) for anyone involved in worship leading or who just has a passion for worship. Take a look!

PS Your Dad might be interested too!

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