This afternoon I made some improvements to the MiniGallery script, including a new CSS theme to show off the flexibility of the concept.  You can see a demonstration of it here:

New in this version are the use of sessions to keep track of all the settings, slightly more object-oriented PHP, and a better implementation of the “per page” selector.

The new CSS file, called “DarkSatin”, shows how titles can be displayed next to the image rather than underneath it, should you want to, and once I’ve got some more information to put there you could list that along the side too.  I’m hoping to be able to extract the EXIF data from the images eventually, with the choice of either displaying it with the picture title or as a tooltip (so it would only be displayed when you hover your mouse over it).  And all this is kept really really simple so that keeping track of it all is simple and easy and doesn’t require anyone to have a degree to fix and/or customise it to suit their needs.

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