Today saw my first foray into the world of purchased MP3s from the iTunes store.  Since suffering from a severe case of guilt a few years ago I stopped downloading MP3s from file sharing networks, and have only created MP3s from CDs I actually own (or at least I can lay my hands on the original, even if it’s back at my parents’ house).  But today I finally caved in and decided to purchase an album I’ve had my eye on for a while, Nichole Nordeman’s latest album “Brave”.  I figured since I rarely listen to music anywhere but in front of my computer, buying MP3s were more appropriate, and cuts out the postage costs.
The downloading process was fairly straightforward and quite painless, just hand over your credit card details and set up an account, then it’s just a couple of clicks to purchase a track, several tracks, or a whole album at a time.  I opted to download the whole album, as it was fractionally cheaper that way and I wanted to listen to everything.  In no time I was listening to some great new tracks.

So far I’ve been quite impressed by the album.  For those who haven’t come across Nichole Nordeman, I’d highly recommend her – she doesn’t write songs for the sake of it, but writes lyrics from the heart, full of meaning and passion.  She’s a pretty awesome pianist too.  The down-side of downloading just the MP3s is that I don’t get a printout of the lyrics, so I have to really listen to it to figure out what’s being sung (I find music easier to hear than words).  The album does sound good though, a good mix of up-beat and reflective, with Nichole’s characteristic voice and creative arrangements (this is an artist not limited to three chords!).

The title track is “Brave”, and is quite daring in terms of lyrics and arrangement, speaking against doing the same thing over and over without reason – the chorus goes like this:

“So long status quo, I think I just let go, you make me wanna be brave.

The way it always was is no longer good enough, you make me wanna be brave.”

Musically that track is unusual too, with some weird hyper-fast guitar picking, and a bridge with a jazzy island piano part, before finishing off with some truly wacky guitar chords!  I love the originality, it’s such an inspiration to the song-writer in me to write something different, something that stands out from the crowd.

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Phill · 9 November 2006 at 12:59 am

If you’re paying postage on CDs you’re obviously buying them from the wrong place!

The lower price of MP3s not withstanding, if I’m buying an album I’d always rather buy it on CD – I just prefer to have something I can hold. If you buy a digital download, it’s kind of like… “What did I just pay for? A few ones and zeros!” At least with CDs the ones and zeros come in a nice package. Plus, of course, if (like me) you’re not great with backups, MP3s are not good if that’s the only copy you have and you have a hard drive crash… don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought plenty of MP3s, but generally only singles and I try and burn them to CD from time to time!

Oh, also, the DRM on iTunes tracks is evil 🙂

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