Today’s blog post is a story of three halves.  Or should that be three thirds?…  Well, whatever, there are three of them, and each has something something to do with developing, even if it is a rather tenuous link!

1. Today I did some more work on MiniGallery.  Nothing major, and I’ve not published a new release of the system, just a couple or minor tweaks that’ll be included in the next release, which will allow more comprehensive CSS control.  I took that opportunity to try out a new idea for a gallery theme to take advantage of those tweaks, creating a gallery theme that could be put alongside another page of information.  Currently called “SidePanel“, I’ve put a working version of it on the web while I develop it further and add in more code tweaks as necessary.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get round to actually working on the code properly and giving it a folder manager and maybe some EXIF handling too.

2. I was also thinking about the Rooted album, about how realistic it is to be producing a full CD of tracks.  I had originally planned to record a complete album’s-worth, using the majority of the songs we know, but I’m wondering now if we’ll actually have time to do that.  I’d like to get the CD more or less finished before Rachel disappears off to the back and beyond, so she at least gets to hear it before she leaves, and I’m beginning to think it might be better to have just a few tracks done very well, rather than trying to rush everything.  I’ve already got at least 6 tracks started, one almost finished, so I might just leave it at that and finish those.  We can always come back and record another CD at a later date, and of course we can do some of our other songs in our concert in January.

3. Finally, this evening I went to a drama and dance rehearsal.  It’s for a service at St John’s church in December called “Hope in dark places”, part of which will include some drama and dance.  I’m playing a cameo role, so I don’t have any lines as such, I just need to be on stage doing a bit of movement, more physical theatre than acting really, but good fun.  Gonna be taxing on the legs though, as I have to spend a good long while semi-crouched in a particular pose.  Still, should be fairly effective though when it’s all put together.

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