My morning Bible study was interrupted today by a rather disturbing and unexpected dripping, coming from the light fitting at the bottom of the stairs. Not good. I put the washing up bowl underneath to try and catch as much water as I could, and got a dishcloth to wipe away the splashes. Then it was upstairs to take the side off the bath to find out what was going on.

Seems the sealant between the bath and the wall has started to deteriorate, and water was seeping through the gaps and finding a way out through the floorboards, and hence the ceiling of the floor below. So that was a relief, knowing that it wasn’t a leaking pipe or anything to do with the plumbing. I’ve phoned our letting agency and the plumber is coming round tomorrow (he would have come round today but apparently the clutch went on his van this morning!).

And now it’s started to rain outside. Thankfully Colchester doesn’t get much rain, so I doubt it’ll last long. On the other hand, Colchester doesn’t have any drainage, so it’ll probably flood anyway…

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