Richard, who gave the sermon at church this morning, happened to mention spiritual gifts, and how God can give or take them away as He sees fit, in contrast with spiritual fruits which we should all have all the time. This got me thinking, particularly about the sermon I am preaching this evening. When I was working at the Chaplaincy I ended up preaching fairly regularly, and I’m told they were pretty good too – I know I was particularly pleased with some of them!

But just recently I’ve begun to wonder if perhaps preaching isn’t what God’s calling me to now. My preparation for this sermon was far from straightforward, it didn’t flow particularly easily, and I just felt the whole process isn’t happening anywhere near as naturally as it had before. Is this just because I’m out of practice, or is God taking back that spiritual gift now that it’s not quite as urgently required? I know God’s been leading me towards worship leading recently, I just never expected it to be at the expense of sermon-writing!

I have my sermon for this evening all planned and I have every expectation that that will go ahead ok. But whether I’ll be preaching again or not is another story. It’s actually rather humbling, knowing that everything I do is made possible only by God, and that I can’t take credit for what I do – and it makes what I can do even more special!

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